Post-Wedding Brunch Ideas


Hosting a destination wedding? Or perhaps an “I do” at home? Either way, if you want to extend the celebration another day, don’t forget about a post-wedding brunch to say thanks to guests and send off the newlyweds one last time!

A post-wedding brunch is typically a late morning or even early lunchtime event that’s much more casual than the wedding day itself.

The brunch can take place at the same property as the wedding, in a family member’s home or a casual restaurant or event space. And the party doesn’t have to break the bank. Breakfast foods are much more affordable than dinner (and guests tend to drink a lot less). To host a brunch that’s worthy of the final sendoff on your wedding weekend, consider a few ideas to make it extra memorable.

Serve cake for breakfast! Well, crepes, pancakes or other breakfast foods stacked like wedding cake that is. You’ll even get another photo op out of it!

Create an interactive breakfast buffet. This meal doesn’t have to be formal. Consider hosting a casual buffet with continental breakfast items and protein. Even an interactive station or two is fun. Plan for an omelette bar or specialty coffee station and serve drinks with your monogram in the foam!

Say thanks. Whether or not you decided to give a speech at your wedding, now would be a good time to casually stand up and say thanks. It’s a lot less nerve wracking than on the wedding night and guests will appreciate the gesture.

Share a slideshow from the night before. If you opted for a same day photography edit or a quick turnaround video clip or two, show it during brunch so guests can get another look at the night before.

Share the hashtag results! If you used a wedding hashtag, showcase guests photos throughout the morning so everyone can enjoy those late night unofficial wedding moments.

Display any leftover favors. Did your guests forget to grab their wedding favor or leave it behind by mistake? If you have an abundance of extras, set them out at the brunch for guests to grab if they didn’t get one the night before.

I love the idea of a day after meal to share stories and relive highlights before the families depart. It’s also a great excuse to spend a little more quality time with the ones you love. Will you host a post-wedding brunch?



Image by Elizabeth Messina.