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Rehearsal Dinner Outfits for the Bride That Work for a Micro Wedding Too

If there’s one thing we learned about bridal fashion last year, it’s the value of having a flexible bridal wardrobe. As weddings were postponed, scaled back, and reimagined as minimonies and micro weddings, savvy brides invested in pieces that could be worn more than once. For example, as plans changed, rehearsal dinner outfits became civil ceremony dresses. Or after-party gowns were re-styled for small family dinners or elopements. It’s all about having a stylish trousseau instead of focusing on a single dress. Now, as weddings open up again, there are sequel weddings and anniversary receptions to consider as well. Here are my top tips for finding rehearsal dinner outfits that would work for a micro wedding (or any other wedding celebration!) too.

You can’t go wrong with a little white dress. When it comes to rehearsal dinner outfit ideas for the bride, a white dress has always been a popular choice. It makes you stand out from the crowd, it’s got that traditional bridal feel, and if you’ve been cultivating a spray tan, it lets you show off that golden glow! You can go simple and relaxed or glam and modern, and opt for solid white or a pretty pattern. To make your choice flexible enough to work as a minimony or micro wedding gown, pick bridal detailing like delicate floral lace or romantic chiffon.

There are no rules. A white dress isn’t your only option, of course! There are so many other directions you can go, from bold colors to non-dress options like jumpsuits or tuxedos. The rehearsal dinner is a great opportunity to show off your bolder fashionista side. And there’s nothing to say you have to wear white to your micro wedding either. So pick an outfit that you adore and that makes you feel amazing!

Consider all your styling options. Before you buy a rehearsal dinner outfit, consider all the ways that you could style it. The same dress can look completely different with a change in shoes, accessories, jewelry – even hair and makeup. It’s a good idea to know your options up-front. (Plus, who doesn’t love playing dress-up?)

Take a cue from your theme or location. A great rehearsal dinner outfit is perfectly matched to the occasion. For example, if it’s a ritzy dinner on a city rooftop, a sequin jumpsuit or a sleek cocktail dress would be perfect. A light cotton dress is a good choice for a summer garden party or BBQ. That doesn’t mean you have to go too themey – again, it’s all about accessorizing! Adding the right accent piece can make all the difference.

Show your personality. Choosing your rehearsal dinner outfit is all about having fun and picking an outfit you love. If you love vintage, then raid your local thrift store. Got your eye on a cute little cocktail gown? This is your chance to buy it. (Even if it doesn’t work for your micro wedding dress, you can always wear it to another function in future.) And, while bold is beautiful, don’t feel pressured to wear something so far out of your comfort zone that it makes you feel unhappy. Whatever the event, a bride should always feel like the best version of herself.

Hope these rehearsal dinner outfit tips have inspired you. Happy shopping!