Did you catch my Session by MasterClass?

If you’re one of the lucky couples who said “yes” to a proposal this holiday season, then you’re probably wondering where to get started in this brand-new world of wedding planning. And you’re probably learning that it’s a lot more complicated and time-consuming than it looks! Planning your dream wedding can seem overwhelming, but with a little help from me and my Session by MasterClass, you can bring your dream wedding to life. The MasterClass session opening up again on Feb. 9th (so sign up now!). It will walk you through creating a personalized logistics binder that covers your budget, venue, menu, apparel, decor, and more.

Here are some of the key steps I outline in the course for planning your dream wedding.

Prioritize Your Plans

Before you get started planning your wedding, it’s important to prioritize your plans. This includes setting a realistic budget, choosing an ideal venue, selecting a palette and decor, creating unique wedding invitations, and developing your wedding website. Along the way, I share 10 ways to cut costs, as well as the ultimate pro/con comparison for narrowing down your venue options.

Pick Your People

Picking the right people for your wedding is essential. That starts with your guest list, and I’ll help you make it confidently. Then we’ll move on to your vendor team, including finding the right photographer, determining your glam team, selecting the right vendors for your vision, and planning your timeline and entertainment. I’ll also break down the different types of wedding planner, and help you navigate any challenging conversations that may come up.

Prepare to Party

Now that you’ve got your logistics in place, it’s time to prepare to party! Before the big day, you’ll want to share your dress code with guests, build a menu they will love as well as memorable drinks and desserts, and create an ideal seating chart. Seating your guests can be a challenge, so you’ll definitely want to check out my advice on drafting your wedding floor plan! It’s also important to give some thought to crafting a ceremony that’s uniquely yours, including writing your own vows if you choose to.

My Session by MasterClass will make sense of all the wedding planning and save you a ton of time and stress. With my guidance, you’ll be able to plan your big day, complete with all the details you’ve been dreaming of. And you’ll even be able to use the same planning tools and resources to help you plan any future events (is it too early to start thinking about renewing your vows? 😉 )

Don’t miss out – enroll exclusively on MasterClass today! Or give it as a Valentine’s Gift to your love or loved one walking down the aisle.