Spooktacularly Stylish Halloween Party Ideas

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Halloween is such a wonderful holiday, it’s festive and fun for everyone, down from grandma to the littlest trick or treater. It’s also a perfect opportunity to organize a get-together for family, friends and neighbors, and now is the time to start planning! But how do you avoid the tacky and transform your home into something that’s creepy but still chic? Here are seven creative and stylish Halloween party ideas for you to try.

Choose an unexpected color palette. Keep things classy by avoiding the tired Halloween party color combo of black and orange. Instead, opt for a range of dark and moody shades or go for something simple and monochromatic. If you want to bring in orange tones in a more subtle way, consider including copper instead, which will add the same warm glow but elevated.

Pumpkins, but not as you know them. Jack-o-lanterns are one of the most iconic Halloween elements. For an updated spin, try painting instead of carving your pumpkins. Simple white, black or metallic paint looks amazing. Or get creative with sequins and glitter! You could also use pumpkins as a vase for fresh flowers for a more organic harvest feel to last into November.

Candles everywhere. Lighting is one of the best ways to create atmosphere and candles add the perfect eerie glow. Set up ornate candelabras with dripping black candles or for a more budget-friendly alternative, recycle empty wine bottles into candle holders.

Get creative with your theme. I love a good themed party! If you love the idea of a dress up party but want to keep it kooky rather than scary, choose an alternative theme. For example, throw a masquerade party, treat your nearest and dearest to a murder mystery night or host a horror movie marathon (even better if it’s on an outdoor screen). If you want to go all out, you can’t beat a creepy carnival theme! Think vintage circus costumes and decor and entertainers like fire eaters and fortune tellers.

Include flowers – even if they’re dead ones. Flowers always elevate party decor and seasonal garlands look beautiful at any fall gathering. For a moody, dramatic look, use classic flowers like calla lilies and anemones in deep shades. You could also add produce in darker colors like black mission figs, plums and champagne grapes to your tables. To add a little of the macabre, buy a couple dozen red roses and hang them upside down for two weeks to dry.

Creepy cocktails. Cocktails are always a fun way to incorporate your party theme. Whether you set up a mad scientist-style bar station for the adults or serve signature cocktails (morgue-a-rita, anyone?), your guests will love it!

Freaky food. Your menu is another place to get creative. Serve both sweet and savory treats to your guests that are fun variations on regular party food. For example, ‘devilish eggs’, dark chocolate ‘poison candy apples’ or cookies in spooky shapes. Have fun with how you serve the food too, like serving dip in lab beakers or mini cauldrons.

However you decide to celebrate, here’s hoping your Halloween is boo-tiful!