Summer Party Theme Ideas

5 Summer Party Theme Ideas

Sunny days, balmy nights…it’s no wonder that summer is the best season of the year for entertaining! Not only is the weather on our side, there are also the long days that are made for spending with family and friends, whether it’s around a pool or a campfire. There are lots of holidays to celebrate as well as the usual birthdays, showers, and family get-togethers. But you don’t even need a reason to celebrate – the endless summer is a reason in itself. Last year I rounded up five fun summer party theme ideas for you to enjoy and they were so popular that I thought it was time to share a few more options for a seasonal celebration. Here are 5 top summer party themes for 2022.

Garden Tea Party. With the popularity of cottagecore and Bridgerton ongoing, this is the perfect summer to host an English garden-style tea party. Set up a table in a shady spot and decorate it with a vintage table cloth. Add china cups and plates (mismatched is fine!) and add fresh flowers in vintage vases or teapots. Or, for a more sustainable approach, decorate with potted flowers. Serve a variety of cakes and finger sandwiches displayed on tiered stands along with tea, coffee, and mimosas. Hang lace bunting and pastel paper lanterns from the trees. And be sure to send everyone home with some loose leaf tea as a memento.

Rosé & Roses. This is a great theme for a summer birthday or bridal shower – or even just a brunch with the girls! And it’s so simple to put together. Set out a table with bowls of beautiful roses and buckets of chilled rosé, and your décor is complete! Serve a menu that pairs well with the wine. Think light dishes like salads, salmon, and cheeses like brie and goat cheese, as well as hummus and flatbreads. A bruschetta bar would be a fun and tasty addition. If you want to take the drinks a step further, you could also serve rosé cocktails or provide garnishes like rosemary sprigs, fresh summer berries, and twists of lemon.

Luxury Picnic. Summer as a season is made for picnics! This summer party theme takes the traditional al fresco meal up a level. Think of it as the picnic equivalent of glamping! Whether you have your luxury picnic in your own backyard or a local park or garden, the key is to retain the best parts of a picnic but combine them with elevated culinary options and tableware. So, instead of plastic flatware and paper napkins, think proper glassware, plates, and cloth napkins. Blankets or rugs are still fine, but providing lots of soft pillows to sit on will make your guests a lot more comfortable. Serve delicious make-ahead food with an uptown twist like Italian sandwiches made with ciabatta bread and delicious meats, gourmet salads, a cheese board, and of course wine and cocktails.

Backyard Festival. Music festivals are the ultimate summer party! So why not bring some of those festival vibes to your own backyard? Fire up the BBQ, curate a playlist that will have everyone up and dancing, and create a trendy bohemian-style chill-out area or tepee where guests can relax. A flower crown, face paint, or glitter bar station are all fun ways to get your guests into the groove. Light up the area when the sun goes down with lots of twinkling lights. And be sure to bring out some sparklers for your guests to enjoy!

Moroccan Summer Party Theme. Transport your guests to Marrakesh by transforming your outdoor area into a space reminiscent of a cool Moroccan Riad-style courtyard. Set up a low table and cushions or a low bench for guests to sit on, surrounded by plants and greenery and with strings of lights overhead. Set the table with beautiful, colorful Moroccan fabrics and lots of brass lanterns and candles, as well as colored goblets or crystal glassware. Exotic, bright florals are another must, and you can also use fruits like citrus or figs and pomegranates to decorate the table. And, of course, you’ll want to serve delicious Moroccan-style food like marinated olives, dips and flatbreads, tagines and couscous, and mint tea.

I hope you love these summer party theme ideas and that they inspire you to get outside and get partying!