7 Super Fun Kids Party Ideas


Kids LOVE parties. In fact, they pretty much start looking forward to their next birthday party the minute their last one ends! And while kids party planning is a lot more elaborate these days, with parents going all out on themed decorations and details, when it comes right down to it, kids just want to have a blast. So here are 7 super fun kids party ideas that are sure to be a hit!

Bubbles. What is it with kids and bubbles? They always go crazy for them! Book a bubble machine and they’ll love chasing them, trying to catch and pop them. There are also lots of bubble-themed games you can play, making it a perfect outdoor party option. The bonus? Bubbles also make for great pictures!

Slime Station. Giving kids an art or craft activity is always a good idea to keep them occupied and engaged, and they just love making slime! Set up a slime-making station with all the ingredients needed. Give each child a jar with their name on it so they can take their slime home afterwards.

Balloon Arch. Balloons are such a versatile kids party decoration. You can use them for centerpieces, games, photo booth backdrops, and more. A fun way to use balloons is to create your own balloon arch or garland at the entrance or as a décor feature inside the party. It’s easy to do if you use my current favorite party hack, Bunch O Balloons. This clever tool lets you fill 40 self-sealing party balloons in just 40 seconds!

Surprise Cake. It’s always fun to include the element of surprise somewhere in your party. Why not in the cake? Imagine your child’s face when they cut into what looks like an ordinary cake, only to find it filled with candy and sprinkles!

Customized Capes. Have cape, will party! Kids love playing dress-up, so these customized capes from Shutterfly make a genius party favor. (And that’s whether or not you’re having a superhero themed event!) You can either send them home with their capes to enjoy later, or better yet, break them out at the party and let the littles run around and enjoy them then and there!

Color Paint Powder. In the last few years, I’ve seen lots of adults enjoy getting messy with paint powder at engagement shoots and festivals. So why not let kids in on the fun? Ask parents to have their children wear mess-friendly clothes, clear a space in your backyard, and let the games begin! Everyone will end up looking like a happy rainbow. Also great for photos.

Photo Booth. Speaking of photos, a booth is always a great party attraction. Fill it with props like hats, sunglasses and pool noodles, and let kids choose whatever takes their fancy. The pictures will be priceless (and will save you having to think about snapping away throughout the day!).

If you’d like some more ideas for kids party themes, be sure to check out this post!