Thanksgiving table ideas

Thanksgiving Table Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I am bursting with excitement for the holidays! After a quiet holiday season last year, it’s time to break out the best china, pop the champagne, and celebrate being together again. A beautifully decorated table will take any celebration (no matter how big or intimate) to the next level and show your guests how happy you are to have them in your home. And Thanksgiving décor doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult to be effective. Here are eight Thanksgiving table ideas to inspire you, whatever your style or budget.

Go bold. You already know how much I LOVE color and Thanksgiving is no exception. Of course, you can opt for a classic palette of oranges and browns, but you don’t have to! Rich jewel tones are always a good idea at this time of year and can be combined with neutrals or pastels for an unexpected combination that will really grab guests’ attention. Or opt for a bright sunshiney yellow as an accent color  – it’s not just for summer!

Raid the produce drawer. Flowers are always a great choice for a table, but vegetables and fruits are other lovely options. They also represent the bounty of the season and can add some gorgeous colors and textures to your table. Select your items carefully. Eggplants, figs, blood oranges, plums, and pears are always a good choice, but you can also work with more unusual shapes like artichokes, kale, or even carrots! Plus, you can eat the leftovers!

Play with plaid. Pattern is always a good way to level up a table design and what could be more cozy for fall than plaid? Mix and match with other patterns or use it sparingly for a more minimalist effect. You can use it for napkins, table runners, a table cloth, or just as a tiny touch of ribbon tying your cutlery together. Don’t be afraid to pair it with your best dishes either. There’s something so charming about the juxtaposition of formal china and casual checks.

Incorporate dried flowers. Dried flowers, pods, and grasses have been big news in weddings for a couple of years now, so why not bring the look to your Thanksgiving table? I love the soft colors and interesting textures that dried florals and foliage create.

Pumpkins, but not as you know them. Pumpkins are, of course, a classic when it comes to Thanksgiving table ideas. There are so many ways you can use them – as vases, at each place setting, or piled up in different sizes as a table runner. But you don’t have to opt for classic orange or even white pumpkins. Get creative by painting them in mixed metallics, matte pastels, or with patterns and designs. You can even buy Chinoiserie pumpkins, which are a real showstopper!

Use statement plates. Ideally, you can create your Thanksgiving table using things you already own. But if there’s one purchase you make, let it be statement plates. Whether they’re a bright color, an unusual pattern, or straight-up Thanksgiving-themed, they’ll act as the focal point at each place setting. And you’ll be able to use them year after year!

Dark and moody. If Halloween is more your vibe than Thanksgiving, why not take your cue from the earlier holiday? Choose matte black for the décor or very deep shades of plum, emerald, or crimson. Dramatic florals complete the look.

Handwritten cards. Whatever décor you choose, it really is all about the joy of being together. Personal touches will go a long way towards expressing this, like handwritten notes for each guest saying why you’re grateful for them. Or why not make it part of the décor and write a poem, a lyric, or a toast and turn it into a runner or a hanging banner?

Hope these Thanksgiving table ideas have helped get those creative juices flowing. Bring on the holidays!