Tips for Throwing a 21st Birthday Party

21st-birthday-party-ideasI love to plan milestone celebrations for kids and adults alike. Especially fun for us are those when young adults are transitioning with another rite of passage – like a 21st birthday party celebration!

So I put together a few tips for throwing a 21st birthday party in style.

1. Pick a Palette: A 21st birthday party screams celebration so set the tone with a palette your birthday girl or guy will love. Consider something colorful for the occasion or like any personal party, pick a theme that reflects the personality or likes of the guest of honor. The ideas could be beverage related but could also be fashion-themed, hobby-oriented, travel-inspired or even incorporate a monogram motif with the honorees initials.

2. Consider Getting Out of Town: Couples are getting married later in life these days, so milestone birthdays have become more like bachelor and bachelorette parties. Consider a getaway with your best girl and/or guy friends to celebrate during a weekend away. Maybe wine tasting in Napa, beach-going in Cabo, or even somewhere local to Los Angeles like hosting a house party in Palm Springs or a getaway with vintage fun and games on Catalina Island.

2. Account for Guests Who Don’t Drink: Just because it’s a 21st birthday, doesn’t mean all the guests will be 21 or will want a cocktail (including the guest of honor!). Include themed mocktails in your bar menu that are just as fun and festive as those with alcohol.

3. Plan Responsibly: In the event of any celebration, partying responsibly is key to a successful party. Hosts can arrange for guests to take a group limousine, party bus or even Uber. Ensure everyone is safe during and after the shindig.


There are no rules when it comes to celebrating your love for a loved one, so ultimately plan what honors them. Make it festive in a way that means fun to them and be safe and it will be enjoyable for all!



Images by John and Joseph Photography