Top Tips for Awesome Engagement Photos

Wedding planning season is in full swing and, with that, many of you will have engagement photos in the near future. While not a necessity, an engagement session is a great idea for many reasons. One is of course that you’ll have beautiful images to treasure that capture the joy of this special time in your lives. Your engagement shoot is also an opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera and to learn about posing naturally and follow your photographer’s direction. This ‘trial run’ can make all the difference to your wedding photos. If given the opportunity to get engagement photos taken – do it!

Here are some of my top tips for planning a successful engagement shoot.

Make it personal. There are as many engagement shoot ‘themes’ and backdrops as there are couples. Choose a location and concept that reflects the two of you. For example, if you love hiking, consider an adventure session in a scenic spot. If you’re a pair of happy homebodies, have an at-home shoot. Another idea is to pick a location that means something to you – where you had your first date, for example, or the record shop or farmer’s market where you love to spend your Saturday afternoons together. The photographs will mean that much more if they feel like you.

Meet your photographer beforehand. Let them get to know you and tell them a bit about your story. It will really help them to portray you as a couple through their photographs. It’s also important to convey to your photographer if you have a strong stylistic vision. Create a Pinterest board as a visual reference and discuss your ideas ahead of time so you’re on the same page.

Think about the big picture. Choosing your location is the first step, but make sure you also schedule your photo session for a time of day when the light is good and the conditions are photo-friendly. For example, if you’re having a beach picnic, do it on a weekday when the shore will be less crowded. You should also consider the backdrop when choosing your outfits, so that the colors complement one another.

Put some thought into your outfit. What you wear is one of the most important parts of planning an engagement session. Both of you should wear colors and shapes that suit you, but that you are comfortable in. Coordinate your outfits, but don’t get too matchy. The colors, textures and patterns should be complementary and so should the level of formality (for example, you don’t want to be in a ballgown while your sweetheart is in jeans!). A pop of color, layers and accessories can all look fabulous on camera. Be sure to ask your photographer for guidance! You should also keep in mind where you’re planning to use your engagement photos. For example, if you have a specific save the date design in mind, use colors that will suit the look.

Get a professional makeover. Even if you’re a whiz at doing your own makeup, hire someone to pamper you for your engagement session. You’ll be far more relaxed and a professional will also be able to use products that show up best on film. And don’t forget the manicure! Remember, there are going to be plenty of close-ups of that gorgeous ring.

Finally, and most importantly…

Try to relax. Once the planning is over and your photographer is snapping away, try to be in the moment and enjoy one another. Don’t overthink your poses – let your photographer guide you and do what they do best. Be present with your partner – laugh, be silly, enjoy yourselves! Ultimately the best accessory is a smile.

I hope these tips have helped you plan your engagement session!



Image by Amy and Stuart Photography