Under the Tuscan Sun: Italian Wedding Inspiration

Hello, my friends. I’ve felt stricken by inspiration and I cannot shake the daydreaming of an Italian wedding! Can you close your eyes and imagine? What would that event feel like, smell like, or taste like? Thankfully, I have had the pleasure of planning destination weddings in a few locations in Italy and I’m here to share some Italian wedding inspiration you can apply to your wedding–here or abroad.


Much of the Italian culture centralizes on food and drink. Excellent food and drink, at that. Think fresh, herbaceous, nourishing dishes that comfort the soul. You can expect pasta, seafood, beef, fresh cheeses, and crisp vegetables. I suggest pairing these dishes with wine. Wine service with dinner will elevate your event. However, if you lean into the family-focused aspect, placing bottles on the tables during dinner will invite your guests to feel like family. If your wedding is located in Italy, your menu will inherently be Italian…authentic Italian. In the case you are planning your wedding in the States, leaning into an Italian menu and dining style can certainly do the job in a beautiful way. Dining al fresco is the pinnacle Italian wedding inspiration.


By pulling the goal essence into your current location, you can tastefully transport your guests to an Italian shoreline. Check out the table setting I designed in this blog post. By embracing the yellow lemons, natural-edged stationery, and candlelight, the Italian wedding inspiration translates well. Depending on your dream destination, your decor will vary. The bright colors of Positano will create a lively environment. The rich hues of green and gold in Tuscany will provide warmth to your wedding. Taking Italian wedding inspiration from Lake Como. You’ll be drenched in deep blues and lush greenery.


If you’re anything like me, you’ll never want to leave your Italian dream. Send your guests home with themed favors. I love the idea of custom bottles of Limoncello or Prosecco. If it is logistically feasible, gift potted lemon tree saplings or seedlings. Perhaps your place cards are custom terracotta pot pieces that your guests will take home! Or my personal favorite, as depicted above, personal-sized custom cream cakes.

An Italian wedding can look many different ways. Truth be told, any way you slice it, it is a dream.



Images by Jose Villa and John & Joseph Photography