Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Newly Engaged









Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for your love or your newly engaged Galentine’s Day gal pal? Did you know that after 30+ years in the wedding industry, I’ve curated some of my favorite products in Shop Mindy Weiss? If you’re looking for a great gift this year for a bride or groom who’s going through the wedding planning process, then be sure to stop by my shop.

For men or women, I love a good candle and scent. I spent years developing my Mindy Weiss Candle Collection, which is perfect for newlyweds starting out together in a new home or even as a thanks to the hosts of your bridal shower. They smell divine and they work in any environment (including your bridal suite or restrooms on the wedding day).









Or if the wedding day is just around the corner, consider my “I do” shoe stickers! These rhinestone adhesive goodies go on the bottom of a bridal heel. Then they make for great photos when a bride is getting ready. And they’re even more fun when she’s kicking up her heels on the dance floor.

But most importantly, great Valentine’s Day gifts for the newly engaged are wedding planning books and organizers.

The gift of education and relaxation knowing you’re doing things right is a wonderful treat.

I’ve compiled my best advice over decades of planning weddings and put it all in my books to help others down the aisle with ease. Pick up a copy and gift it to your love on Valentine’s Day (just don’t do any planning that night!). Enjoy the excuse for a romantic evening and get back to wedding planning with these books the following day.

Happy Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day friends! To see all my Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day gifts for the newly engaged, check out Shop Mindy Weiss.



Images by Dennis Kwan.