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8 Ways to Deal With Wedding Planning Stress

Wedding planning can be a stressful business, even at the best of times. (And that’s without a global pandemic to factor in!) There are endless decisions to make, puzzle pieces to coordinate, relatives to wrangle. And all whilst trying to juggle your job, your family, your social life, and paying the bills. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that it’s supposed to be fun! The good news is that there are some practical things you can do if you start to feel a little frazzled and frayed. From taking breaks to maintaining a sense of humor, here are eight smart strategies to reduce wedding planning stress and save you (and your relationship) from a meltdown.

Stay organized. Planning a wedding means dealing with multiple quotes, contracts, checklists, fabric swatches, and other pieces of information. It’s easy to lose track of them all (especially if you’re not working with a wedding planner). So it’s important to stay organized right from the start. Make use of a budgeting spreadsheet and other tools and apps to keep things under control. And always keep your to-do list to an achievable length, to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Be kind to your body and mind. This isn’t the time to push yourself until you feel completely burned out, especially when you may be worrying about more than your wedding planning. After all, you want to be healthy and radiant on the big day so you can enjoy every moment! Take care of your body by getting regular exercise (lots of home workouts are now available!). And if you haven’t already, try a meditation or mindfulness app like Calm or Headspace. Take a social media detox when you need one. Most importantly, listen to your body and what it needs before wedding planning stress catches up with you.

Take a break. It’s important not to let wedding planning completely take over your life. Take regular breaks, including wedding-free time with your partner – and your friends! Schedule some quality time with those you love, whether that’s in-person or virtually. And even if you’re not able to take a trip out of town, you can always switch off your phones and have a little staycation.

Stop obsessing over details. I love pretty wedding details, but often it’s the details that cause couples a lot of stress. It’s important not to obsess over the little things, and be able to let some of them go. Being decisive is essential if you want to stop yourself from going around in circles. Weigh your options, make a decision, and move on to the next thing…never looking back!

Reconnect with your partner regularly. As the saying goes, you’re planning for a marriage, not just a wedding. It’s vital that you make space in your schedule to reconnect regularly in the months before your wedding, and just enjoy being engaged. After all, when the flowers have faded and the day is just a memory, your bond is what will truly matter. Be sure to prioritize it.

Keep a sense of humor. What is life without laughter? This year has been an important reminder that no matter what life throws at us if we can find a way to keep our sense of humor, we’ll get through it. Be silly with each other, and if something goes wrong, try to see the funny side. These are the things that will make the best stories in years to come. They’re also what will help you keep that all-important sense of perspective, and truly save your sanity.

Don’t let comparison steal your joy. There’s so much pressure on couples to have a ‘perfect’ wedding day. But holding yourself up to an impossible standard will rob you of the joy of a wedding that is truly yours. Try to remove yourself from situations where you feel comparison kicking in. And if someone else starts making comparisons, change the subject!

Ask for help. Repeat after me: you don’t have to do this alone. Whether it’s hiring a wedding planner or asking friends and family for help, do yourself a favor and get the assistance you need. Hire great vendors, delegate tasks, and then let them do what they do best!

These are all good strategies to follow to alleviate wedding planning stress. But of course, if your anxiety has become debilitating, and you’re experiencing panic attacks or other symptoms, then do seek professional help.

At the end of the day, your wedding is a wonderful, magical party. But it’s your marriage and the people in it that really matter.