6 Ways to Make a Local Wedding Extra Special

Over the past few years, an increasing number of couples have opted for a destination wedding, treating friends and family to an extended vacation somewhere amazing. But in the coming months and even years ahead, local weddings are likely to become the new normal again for many. And that can be a good thing! After all, there’s something to be said for the comforts of home, and for a wedding that celebrates your daily life together. You really don’t need to be somewhere exotic to have the wedding of your dreams. It can happen right in your own backyard – literally!

Here are six ways to make a local wedding just as special and memorable as a destination one.

Make a weekend of it. Just because you’re planning a local wedding, doesn’t mean you can’t host a wedding weekend! In fact, it can be even better, since you won’t have to worry about guests having to travel to and from the airport. Schedule multiple events and group activities over three days, including a welcome party, just as you would for a destination wedding.

Think like a tourist. Even if you’ve lived somewhere your entire life, there are often local activities and attractions that you’ve never experienced. Play tourist for the weekend and make the most of what your city or town has to offer – especially for the out-of-town guests that came to visit.

Give welcome bags. Creating customized welcome bags for guests to enjoy is one of the best parts of destination wedding planning. So why not do it for your home town? Include fun favors or foods from your state or town, as well as gifts that tell a story about your everyday life together. Guests will love this thoughtful detail! You could even create a gift bar or swag lounge at your welcome party (to avoid driving welcome bags all over town for delivery).

Surprise your guests with a unique venue. If most of your guests are local, chances are they’ve attended weddings at the usual venues. Make yours stand out by choosing a unique venue, like a local landmark, museum, or private estate.

Customize your menu. Regional specialties are a great way to celebrate your hometown. Both food and drink! You could also bring in some of your favorite treats from local restaurants and bakeries. It’s a great way to share part of your life with your guests!

Include your pet. The best part about planning a local wedding if you’re an animal lover is that you can invite a VIP guest! For example, dress your pup up in a floral garland and have a bridesmaid walk them down the aisle. Having them there for part of the day will make it extra special.

As Dorothy said: there’s no place like home!


Image by John and Joseph Photography