Wedding Ceremony Ideas for the Perfect Photo Op


Your wedding ceremony is all about your vows. This is the moment that matters most throughout the entire day. The ceremony can be sweet, sentimental, traditional, religious, even funny. Make it personal, whatever that is to you. Then, pepper in a few visual details to help create moments for the camera that you’ll quickly frame above your fireplace.

I’ve got a few wedding ceremony ideas that I find make magic in photographs.

1. Create a petal toss station. I love using vintage pieces and flea market finds at weddings. This table and drawers concept creates that look with abundance when filled with fresh flowers for guests to take and toss. Give your friends and family something to do before the ceremony (fill their bags with petals) and then encourage them to participate in the photo op once the knot is tied.

2. Consider Confetti. A festive and colorful way to congratulate the couple is with a confetti toss after the “I do’s.” Just make sure your ceremony location allows for a toss (and what kind of toss materials are approved).

3. Consider decor at the end of the aisle. A statement piece or two stationed at the back of the aisle welcomes guests into the space warmly but also dresses up the recessional as you walk back down the aisle as newlyweds. These florals and/or decor pieces can later be repurposed into the reception too.

4. Don’t block a beautiful backdrop. If you’re getting married at a place or destination with a stunning backdrop, don’t overly dress up the ceremony spot. You’ve selected this space for a reason, let Mother Nature make the photo for you.

5. Dress your guests. If the weather calls for a warm wrap or hat, gift your guests with the gear they need to stay comfortable and camera-ready.

3. Never use a microphone stand for the officiant. Use a lapel microphone for each person and tuck them where they won’t be seen. That way, at the moment you kiss, the officiant can step aside and there’s no equipment left behind in the memorable photo.

And finally, ask your guests to go without their cell phones for the ceremony. An unplugged wedding is a pretty wedding. The last thing you want is every guest raising their phones and blocking the shot for the professionals.



Image by Simone Photography