Wedding Inspiration: Summer Camp

Weddings are a great time to intentionally build your fondest memories. They’re bursting with personality, fun, and entertainment. Each wedding will hold sentimental value unique to the couple and those in attendance. But if we think about a fresh and fun way to inject some of that excitement into a summer wedding, I think of summer camp! Some of our fondest memories from childhood may come from summer camp. So it’s only fitting that we take some notes about the best parts and make this celebration one for the (year)books!

The Classics, but Better

Even the most casual wedding wouldn’t have a water balloon toss. But if you wanted some ideas for a summer camp-themed party, check out this blog post. There is a level of friendly competition that screams Summer Camp. Is your group full of dancing machines? What about a dance-off at the after-party? You won’t soon forget the way your Uncle won the competition while breaking out some of the old show-stopping moves. Another summer camp classic is s’mores. A delightfully rich and gooey dessert. Albeit, a very messy one. Let’s elevate the flavor profile with individual s’more truffles or a cupcake dusted in graham crackers and toasted marshmallow cream.


I often think of campfires when harkening back to summer camp days. A tasteful way to incorporate that distinct smokiness could be in your menu. A welcome cocktail with smoked whiskey is flashy and delicious. Maybe the seafood option is smoked salmon over a cedar plank and roasted vegetables. For dessert, bring out a late-night hot chocolate bar with all of the fixings. Extra whipped cream for the kids and a splash of KahlĂșa for the adults would be welcomed by all!


A lakeside venue would be ideal to bring summer camp inspiration to life. Have kayaks or canoes available for the ultra-adventurous. But at least settle for a beautiful evening under the stars and surrounded by tall pine trees. Twinkle lights strung across the clearing will stick in your memories and add a romantic ambiance, minus the teenage jitters.

Fireside chats and staying up late are pretty synonymous with summer camp. If your wedding venue has an end-time that feels earlier than preferred, consider booking an afterparty that allows the conversation to continue. If you’re feeling literal and your location allows it, find a beach bonfire to keep the spark alive. Temperatures tend to dip as the sun sets, even during summer. Bring your favorite plaid blankets to keep guests cozy as the night progresses.

Summer wedding inspiration by summer camp. While they may not seem that similar at first, I hope this list of summer camp wedding inspirations opens your imagination and sparks some unique ideas for your dream date!



Image by Amy & Stuart Photography