Wedding Planning Tips on Martha Stewart Weddings

martha-stewart-weddingsWelcome back from the long weekend friends! I hope you had a great holiday and congratulations to those who tied the knot to fireworks! Now that we are in the heat of summer weddings, I was thinking that you might be starting to think about your big day this time next year. I recently shared some of my wedding planning tips onĀ Martha Stewart Weddings and I wanted to chat a bit about the story here in case you didn’t catch it. What are some of my favorite wedding planning tips on Martha Stewart Weddings? Take a read below and check out the full story on their site here.

To start, look inside your own home for your decor inspiration. I love to flea market shop – even for weddings! Collecting vintage tabletop pieces that reflect your style or renting speciality glassware or flatware that show off what your home feels like helps guests engage with the decor and your story more. Don’t settle for standard rentals when you can turn your tables into a peek into your lives.

As much as I love good decor and personal details, it’s the people that count most. Guests will always remember how you made them feel – so make them feel special! Your wedding is about the two of you but it’s also about coming together with the people you love most. So make them feel that love and honor them in big and small ways. This can come in the form of something as simple as a personal welcome note or thank you toast or a menu item you know they will love. It could also be a gift, an elaborate favor or welcome basket too. Just remember, saying thanks and making someone feel special doesn’t have to cost a lot.

And no matter what details you plan for or toasts that take place, save space in the budget for quality photography and videography. I think video is so underrated and such an important detail to have. What a gift to rewatch the day, see your loved ones in action and remember people in motion as they really were. Quality photo and video should not be overlooked and should be a big part of the budget.

Happy planning friends and thanks to Martha Stewart Weddings for sharing some of my insights.



Image: Simone Photography