wedding balloon backdrops

Wedding Trends Alert: Balloon Decor

People always ask me what the latest party or wedding trends are. I don’t really love to talk about trends because details should be about the couple or the host/hostess, not about following what’s hot in the moment and will be out a few minutes later. But every once in a while I spot a new idea that’s so great it becomes hot and stays that way.

So what’s hot in wedding trends? Enter the latest in event decor…balloon decor!

balloon party design

I love how fun, festive and celebratory balloons are for any kind of event, even a formal wedding if done properly. You can create an arch to mark an entry point, dress up a DJ booth or backbar and even fill the dance floor with balloons matching your color palette or theme.

balloon wedding backdrops wildchild party balloons wedding trends balloon archwedding balloon backdrops

My friends at Wild Child Party & Supply have even been known to dress up a photo booth or two for me before. If I want to mark a focal point in a party, call attention to something extra special or just fill a big space with an inexpensive art piece, my go-to these days are balloons. So if you’re on the hunt for wedding trends that are here to stay, consider balloon walls, balloon photo booths, balloon arches and more.




Images by: All photos by Dennis Kwan except yellow/white event by Amy and Stuart, bottom photo by John and Joseph