5 Weekday Wedding Tips

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes, not least to wedding culture. So while weekend weddings have long been the standard, Thursday is set to be the new Saturday in 2021. Rather than choose a new venue or panic about securing a Saturday, many couples are now booking their venues for weekdays instead of weekends. And in fact, even before COVID-19, weekday weddings were becoming a more popular option. Of course, weekday weddings come with their own set of planning challenges and it’s best to be prepared. Here are five weekday wedding tips to help you!

Send your invitations well in advance. The biggest challenge in hosting a weekday wedding is that not everyone on your guest list may be able to attend. Friends and family may not be able to take a day off from work or school to be there. (Although 2021 may see continued flexible working practices that will make this easier to overcome.) That said, you’ll increase the chances of attendance greatly the more time you give them to secure vacation or flexible working days or childcare in advance. Send out save the dates as soon as possible.

Work to an abbreviated timeline. Weekday weddings often have shorter time frames so it’s important to maximize all the time you have with your guests. Cut the ceremony time to thirty minutes at the most, and consider axing any traditions you don’t care about. For example, cutting the cake or the bouquet and garter toss. It’s also a good idea to do a first look and couple shoot before the ceremony so you don’t have to take time away from the party for photographs.

Plan an evening ceremony or reception. A ceremony that begins after 6.30 is ideal for 9-5ers. It can also be super chic and atmospheric to have a sunset or candlelight ceremony. Another option is to have a small morning ceremony and then an evening reception.

Don’t expect an all-out party. It’s possible that weekday weddings in 2021 will feel like weekend weddings, but they’re likely to still be a little more subdued, with guests needing to work the following day. If an all-night dance party is your thing, this might not be the best option for you. However, if you’re not the party animal types or are hosting a dry wedding or event without dancing, a weekday might be ideal.

Consider a destination wedding. The great thing about a destination wedding where guests fly out for several days is that it doesn’t really make a difference if the ceremony takes place on a Saturday or a Tuesday. Everyday is the weekend on vacation! You can plan fun activities both before and after the big day to spend time with your guests.

Are you thinking about planning a weekday wedding for next year?


Image by Amy and Stuart Photography