When is the Best Time to Plan a Wedding in Los Angeles?

When you’re choosing the season for your wedding, there are lots of factors to consider. Weather, of course, is one of them, especially if you’re dreaming of an outdoor wedding. On the other hand, peak season can also mean less availability for vendors and venues, as well as higher travel and accommodation costs for your guests. You’ll also want to consider the kind of atmosphere you’d like to create – is it relaxed and open-air or cozy and intimate? If you’re California dreamin’ of an LA destination wedding you may be wondering: when IS the best time to plan a wedding in Los Angeles?

In general, wedding season in LA is considered to be from late spring through early fall. However, the good news is that there really is no BAD time to plan a wedding in Los Angeles. With sunshine all year round and a host of incredible wedding venues – both indoor and outdoor – you can’t really go wrong. Of course, you should always have a backup plan for weather, even though chances are, it will be great. But alongside the weather, there are a few other advantages and disadvantages to each season that you might want to consider before setting a date.

Here’s my take on the best time to plan a wedding in Los Angeles, season by season!

Spring Weddings in Los Angeles (March to May)

Spring is a fabulous time for a wedding in California. As the days become warmer and longer, the flowers begin to bloom, making it ideal for a garden celebration. Temperatures are comfortable – in the low to mid-70s. There is some rain in March and April, but the added benefit is that rain tends to clear off the smog, making for incredible views over the city. One of the best things about early spring weddings in LA is that they’re a little quieter (March and April are still considered off-season for tourists). That might make it easier to snag the venue of your dreams and for your guests to secure great deals on flights and hotel rooms.

Summer Weddings in Los Angeles (June to August)

Long days, balmy nights, clear blue skies… it’s no wonder summer is the favorite season for weddings in Los Angeles. Summer is hot and mostly dry, with temperatures averaging from 75°F to 84°F. It’s important to know that these temperatures can vary widely, depending on where you are. For example, coastal areas are slightly cooler, while the city and inland locations can be uncomfortably hot. Summer is also peak tourist season. If you’re planning a summer wedding, be sure to choose a venue with air conditioning and book it early to avoid disappointment.

Fall Weddings in Los Angeles (September to November)

Fall can be the best of all seasons in Los Angeles, which is probably why October is one of the most popular months for a wedding. Days are still long and warm, but the nights can be a little chilly. Be sure to provide heat lamps if you’re having an outdoor wedding. Malibu, Santa Monica, and similar coastal areas will be around 15 degrees lower than the city.

Winter Weddings in Los Angeles (December to February)

Although spring and summer are peak wedding season, don’t count out winter as an option! It can be an absolutely magical time of year. Although temperatures rarely drop below 40, it’s still the coldest and rainiest time of year. On the plus side, your guests will find more hotel and flight deals.

In the end, the month you choose to plan a wedding in Los Angeles will depend on the kind of celebration you are planning. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, boho or black tie, Los Angeles is a great destination!


Image by John and Joseph Photography Inc.