Fresh Boutonniere Ideas

10 Fresh Boutonniere Ideas for the Modern Groom

They may be small, but the groom and groomsmen’s boutonnieres can still make a big statement. Traditionally made of flowers that tie into the bride or bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres can also be used to add an extra touch of personality or color to the groom’s look. And, while many grooms still choose some form of floral boutonniere, others are turning to more out-of-the-box choices. (Especially good news if your sweetheart is allergic to flowers.) Here are ten statement boutonniere ideas, perfect for the dapper modern groom!

Dried elements. Dried flowers are a hot trend in wedding florals at the moment, and they work great for bouts too! But you don’t have to stop at flowers. Other natural dried elements can also add interesting textures. For example, pussy willow, wheat, cotton, grasses, and seed pods. For a fall wedding, think tiny acorns, pinecones, and dried leaves.

Fern leaves. Greenery is a stylish non-floral option for bouts. Ferns have a fresh organic look that can work for a variety of settings, from forest to tropical beach. They also make a great accent for fresh flower boutonnieres, adding extra visual interest and shape.

Meaningful botanicals. Many brides choose flowers for their bouquet that give a nod to their location, their family heritage, or even their groom. One sweet example is how Kate Middleton had Sweet William incorporated into her florals! In the same way, a groom’s boutonniere can take on extra personal meaning. For example, a thistle to represent Scottish heritage.

Vintage objects. Another of my fave boutonniere ideas that honors family traditions is to incorporate vintage objects. Skeleton keys are always a great option (whether with or without flowers and/or greenery). So are pocket watches, lockets, and photo charms. But it could really be anything if it’s small enough to use.

Dark and moody. Florals don’t have to be light and bright. For a moodier vibe, choose blooms in darker shades like deep purple, burgundy, or inky black. As a finishing touch, wrap with plush velvet ribbon.

Air plants. Succulents have been popular as a floral alternative for a while now. But air plants, with their spiky, abstract shape, are a great modern choice!

Edibles. While you wouldn’t send him down the aisle with a full-size apple attached to his lapel, there are lots of small fruits and other edibles that add charming texture to a boutonniere. For example, kumquats, blackberries, chilis, olives, or unripened mandarin oranges.

Herbs. Herbs can make a beautiful and fragrant boutonniere addition or alternative. For example, lavender, rosemary sprigs, bay leaves, juniper, or even cinnamon bark.

Mini wreaths. A wreath makes a fun alternative to a bouquet for your bridesmaids as well as a beautiful décor element. But it can work for a boutonniere as well! It looks fabulous on the lapel and has a traditional feel while still being unusual.

Pins and brooches. A simple pin makes a chic statement for a groom, especially if the design has a connection to something he loves or your wedding theme or setting. You can also add pins to organic elements to create a unique composite boutonniere that is truly personal.

Which of these boutonniere ideas is your favorite?