3 up and coming wedding trends

3 Up and Coming Wedding Trends

3 up and coming wedding trends

I don’t love to incorporate trends into our events because I want my clients to look back on their wedding day and see something timeless, that they will always love, not a look they will quickly regret. That being said, there are some trends that are hard to avoid or are so fabulous, they’ll never go out of style. And of course, if a couple wants something, no matter how in the moment it may be, I make it happen! If you’re on the hunt for “what’s next” in weddings, I’ve been seeing some changes in design and planning that are on the horizon.

To be ahead of the curve, consider these 3 up and coming wedding trends I think will be hot by the end of the season.

New ceiling treatments. We’ve seen the greenery look and the floral chandelier for some time now. Design is very much floor to ceiling. But it’s time for something new. I predict this detail will change to incorporate more unusual textures and materials. Pampas grass can be raised overhead. So can clouds of colored materials without the need for any greens or flowers above. Whatever you hang, it can be as creative as a dream!

Simple dance floors. Monogrammed dance floors are gone this season. Simple is the new sophisticated when it comes to what you dance on. Don’t overthink it – just have fun!

Friday weddings! More and more of my clients care about the date or the numbers, not the day of the week. That means more Friday weddings and even the occasional weekday wedding too. You don’t have to say “I do” on Saturday night to show your guests a good time.

Will you incorporate a trend or two into your wedding day? How about getting married on a Friday? My advice, if the trend is something you truly love, then go for it. But make sure you’ll love it a long time from now too and don’t just pick the hot color of the season because you see it everywhere.

…and by the way, I think the Friday wedding is here to stay and I love it!



Image by: Valorie DarlingĀ