5 Creative Private Proposal Ideas

Often, when we think of wedding proposals, we think of extravagant events for the world to see, but perhaps that isn’t for you or your partner. Here are 5 creative private proposal ideas for when you want to ask for their hand out of the eyes of the public.

A Home of Love

Are you an at-home type of couple? Maybe you have found that your most meaningful moments have been spent in the comfort of your home with movies and quiet conversation. If this is you, transform the space you love into something that can wow. Add some scented candles and rose petals to set a romantic atmosphere and ask in a heartfelt way!

Intimate Beach Bonfire

What better way to propose if you or your partner are beach people than with the melody of waves crashing in the background? Make your proposal more intimate by planning a private beach bonfire for you and your partner. Ask the big question as the sun sets or even beneath a glittering sky of stars. Just be sure to carefully check the weather so your night doesn’t get rained away!

Stargazing Under the Night Sky

Do you have a secluded spot near you that you love? Or perhaps you know of one? Take a drive up with your partner, and maybe even pack some late-night snacks or have a late dinner. Then you can ask them for their hand while sitting in a scenic space stargazing.

Love in the Air

Perhaps you and your partner are more adventurous. Maybe you’ve always considered going for a hot air balloon ride and seeing the views from above. A private hot air balloon ride would be the perfect time to propose as you live two dreams out at once!

Charming and Historic

Older historic spaces and landmarks often have a romantic charm about them. Do you know a place that has played a big part in your personal love story? What better way to propose, without the public looking on, than booking a night at a historic inn or bed-and-breakfast with a stunning view?

Remember, a proposal is made memorable by truly knowing the person you’re proposing to. If your partner is more of an intimate person, these creative private proposal ideas might be perfect for you.