5 Creative Public Proposal Ideas

Proposing is a big deal and you’ll want your significant other to remember it. If you want to announce your love to the world, and your partner is someone more extroverted, then here are some creative public proposal ideas for you!

A Gallery for Them

Are you and your partner lovers of art or strolling galleries? If so, transform an art gallery into a personal proposal for the one you love. Picture this: You’re walking through the gallery when suddenly, each art piece starts incorporating the words “Will you marry me?” By the end of the walk, you’re greeted by your closest friends and family to celebrate your engagement.

Write Your Love in the Sky

Tell the city (and beyond) all about your love by writing it upon the skies. Find a place with a clear view and hire a skywriting plane to sketch “Will you marry me?” across the sky. Make sure you watch the weather and plan well! You don’t want your moment to get lost in the clouds!

Outdoor Movie Night Proposal

Want to make your proposal public but still keep it between friends and family? Plan an outdoor movie night and ask everyone you love to attend! Set up a screen, whether it’s inflatable or not, and purchase a projector to play your favorite movie. I suggest a romantic one! Then, at either the beginning or end of the movie, have the big question appear on the screen!

Destination Proposal

Do you have a place that is near and dear to both of you? Or maybe a location you have always wanted to visit together? Your proposal is the perfect excuse to do just that. Get down on one knee in front of the Eiffel Tower, among the visitors of the Trevi Fountain, or beneath the northern lights. The world is truly your oyster when it comes to this proposal idea!

Botanical Garden Proposal

Is there a botanical garden near you that you and your partner absolutely love? If so, propose in a space you both are already in love with. Make it even more memorable by choosing a night the garden has a special event and see if you can work with them to make a statement. Play their favorite song or find a way to bring them into the spotlight to show everyone just how loved they are!

As always, your proposal will be as impactful as its significance to the person you propose to. You know them best, so if any of these creative public proposal ideas sound like something they’ll love, then you’re set to start planning!

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