6 Wedding Planning Hacks to Help You Down the Aisle


Wedding planning for three decades has taught me a thing or two about the day running smoothly, the process along the way being fun and staying on budget too.

So I’ve compiled a few of my favorite go-to wedding planning hacks to help you down the aisle with ease! Consider these tricks of the trade for wedding planning success!

1. Cut your wedding planning window down. Don’t give yourself too much time to plan your wedding. One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to determine when you want to get married, hireĀ  your wedding planner first and then start planning. BUT don’t do it in such a big window of time that your tastes change, your plans change, your decisions change or you have buyer’s remorse. Too much time on your hands is never a good thing and that goes for wedding planning too! This is one hack you really can’t afford to live without. It will cost you more in the end to make up your mind too far out and then change it later on. Keep it simple. It doesn’t take two years to plan a wedding, I promise. We’ve done it in 72 hours! …though a suggest a bit more time than that.

2. The Wedding Shop by Shutterfly. I love a good online shop to get personal details made. It’s so important that your wedding (and your home!) feel personal to you. Custom thank you cards, wedding accessories, prints from the big day for your home and new nesting products to keep those wedding memories ever present are important. My friends at Shutterfly make it easy to order online, get creative ideas and weave your personalities into everything from your engagement party to your baby shower. When I’m in need of ideas, I often look here.

3. Number your RSVP cards. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t know how to properly complete an RSVP card. You want to avoid the time and headache of calling around to see who may not have RSVP’d when your deadline hits. You’ll only be a few weeks out from the wedding and you’ll have plenty of other things on your plate. Instead, number your RSVP cards in tiny font on the back. Then make a chart with the corresponding names. This will help you identify the person in the event it gets returned without a name. That will make it easier to determine who you actually need to contact before the big day.

4. Etsy. Have you ever wondered where those creative Pinterest finds come from? Those super personal wedding details, vow books or small gifts? You can find a lot on Etsy that you can’t find anywhere else. And these details don’t just look homemade. You can find decorative bar accessories, signage, paper goods and more and the quality is wonderful (just check the reviews of each individual seller before you buy). If you’re not working with a custom invitation company designing all the paper goods of your day but you want something completely custom, look here. Let Etsy help you finish the details of the day in addition to the great finds from Shutterfly.

5. Set up a station full of goodies in the bridal suite. I find that bridesmaids can be more in need of help, support, accessories and missing items on the wedding day than the bride. Come prepared with a full prep kit for the getting ready room and include snacks, beverages and must-haves for beauty prep so the ladies in your life don’t derail the schedule or require more than you have at the last minute. Preparing ahead of time helps to ensure this time together is relaxing, fun and on schedule!

6. Amazon Prime. If you don’t already use Amazon Prime in your daily life, it’s a must! I use it all the time. Especially when last minute details are added or supplies are needed at the couple’s request. As you get very close to your wedding day, you’ll likely think of things you missed or decide to add to your event and Amazon Prime gets it to you fast, free and they have just about everything! From adding in parasols to protect your guests from the sun to flower girl gifts you might have forgotten, Amazon is my go-to throughout the year of wedding planning but especially the last few weeks too!



Image from Shutterfly.