family games for Father's Day

7 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day at Home

Outings are special, but there is something magical about spending time together at home. Father’s Day is a wonderful time to schedule some quality time with the family! You decide if the day’s plans are jam-packed or take on a more leisurely pace. In any case, be sure to let him sleep in and maybe even deliver breakfast in bed. If you’re thinking ahead and planning a holiday he won’t soon forget, here are seven ways to celebrate Father’s Day at home.

Make it Generational

If you’re fortunate enough to spend time with generations of fathers in your family, today is a perfect way to honor that! Invite as many as you can and document the occasion with a photo or two. Not only will the photo become a keepsake for years to come, it is a tangible reminder to embrace your elders and hear their stories and experiences from times we’ve only read about.

Camp Out in the Yard

When was the last time you’ve been camping? It may not happen as frequently as Dad wishes. In theory, it sounds easy to live without all the bells and whistles. However, there is a lot of preparation involved in surviving with the bare minimum. Take the hassle out of the occasion and camp out at home. Take the pressure off of him to set the campsite and nail down these basics: erect a tent in the yard, make a fire pit for s’mores, set outdoor games, and slather on the sunscreen. Order take out from his favorite BBQ restaurant so you can focus on camping, not on cooking. If you really feel like going all out for the theme, take a look at this summer camp inspired wedding. Make him smile and take time to enjoy the great outdoors to celebrate this Father’s Day…right at home.

Backyard Tournament

One way to celebrate Father’s Day at home is to transform your space to make a tournament of games. Choose from putt-putt, cornhole toss, pickle ball, basketball…you name it! Or if your guy is a man of many talents, set stations to ensure he gets his fill off all things competition. Depending on the size of your family you can even create a bracket and declare a winner with silly trophy and all.

Movie Screening

Set a projector in the yard or your home to watch a movie on the big screen, no theater required. If your home is anything like mine, sometimes debate ensues about what to watch. One way to celebrate Father’s Day at home is to let him wield control of the remote! All jokes aside, you can select movies based on the newest releases or find a series to play throughout the day while festivities take place. You can feature of mix of classics like remakes alike, à la Top Gun. Rent a popcorn machine and melt extra butter! This doubles as a great way to occupy the kids while you’re prepping meals or enjoying a beverage with Dad.

Scavenger Hunt

Make clues for Dad to hunt throughout the house and plant reasons why you love him as the prizes. Not only will the entire family have something to contribute, laughter will be shared while he tries to decipher the clues!

Cook Out

Grilling and Father’s Day go hand in hand for a reason. The weather is usually inviting and the sunshine asks for company. Select your menu and prep ahead of time so dinner comes easy without fuss. If he wants to don the apron as Grill Master, let him! Although, one way to celebrate Father’s Day at home is to let him sip the beer and just watch.

Family Game Night

Dust off your collection of board games for the night’s entertainment. We’re fans of Apples to Apples, a classic like Monopoly, and Throw Throw Burrito for some big laughs. If you prefer something with a little more interaction, take inspiration from Minute to Win It and make some fun challenges for the whole fam to celebrate Father’s Day at home.

It’s easy to move through the day-to-day routine and increasingly tricky to schedule undivided family time. Take Father’s Day as that opportunity to dote on him and make the father figure in your life feel appreciated. I hope these 7 ways to celebrate Father’s Day at home inspire you to plan a day that will create memories together.



Image by Amy and Stuart Photography