5 Cool Baby Boy Shower Theme Ideas for 2022

So you (or someone close to you) is expecting a little boy. Congratulations! A baby shower is the first official celebration of your little man, so you’ll definitely want to make it special and memorable. Most baby showers feature some classic elements like games, eats, and opening presents. But one way to get creative and really make yours stand out is to pick a great baby boy shower theme. There are so many options available, from timeless motifs to fresh favorites. And, of course, any of these theme ideas can work for a baby girl as well!

Here are 5 great baby boy shower theme ideas for 2022!

To the Moon and Back Boy Baby Shower Theme. This moon and stars theme is perfect as a way to welcome your little star! Choose a cosmic palette of blue, white, and gold or silver. Serve celestial-inspired treats like a cake scattered with stars, moon and star cookies and planetary cake pops. A balloon arch will give the idea of fluffy clouds. It’s a perfect way to reinforce the color palette and make a statement. A framed print of the saying “I love you to the moon and back” not only works as a décor piece, it can also be gifted to the mom-to-be for her to hang in the nursery as a special reminder of the event.

‘Le Petit Prince’ Baby Boy Shower Theme. Literature is a wonderful place to look for inspiration for a theme. ‘Le Petit Prince’ is a true classic, and an ideal theme for your own little prince! Decorate with twinkle lights, red roses, and illustrations and quotes from the book, and add a crown topper to the cake. Have guests sign a copy of the book as a guest book alternative that makes a lovely keepsake. You could also send each guest home with their own copy as a gift.

Airplane Boy Baby Shower Theme. What better theme for your ‘precious cargo’ than everything airplane and aviation? One of the nice things about this theme is that you can make it ultra sleek and modern or opt for a vintage vibe. And when it comes to details, the sky’s the limit! For example, hanging paper planes, globes and maps, suitcases used to hold ‘in-flight’ drinks or snacks (like pretzels and peanuts), and a ‘baggage claim’ area for the gifts or favors.

Sports Boy Baby Shower Theme. This is a classic theme for a sporty mom or dad that’s always easy and fun to execute. You can keep it general, focus on a specific sport, or even a favorite team! Depending on what you choose, this will inform the colors and décor. Use sports pennants as signage, have invitations designed to look like tickets, and have sports-themed food at the ‘concession stand’. For one shower I planned, we had a donut wall with the donuts decorated to resemble basketballs, which was super cute and delicious! The idea can be adapted for lots of other sports too.

Under Construction Boy Baby Shower Theme. I planned a construction themed birthday party not long ago, but I think this makes a super cute baby boy shower theme too! Decorate in yellow or orange and black. You can pick up a lot of what you need (for example, traffic cones and hard hats) at your local hardware store. Serve drinks from an ice-filled wheelbarrow, and hang a sign that says ‘Baby Under Construction’ or ‘Mom at Work’. You can also have a lot of fun decorating the tables with little toy trucks and construction figures that can be given as a gift later on.


Image: Amy and Stuart