Fall Activities for your Wedding or Rehearsal Dinner

Are you planning a fall wedding and can’t find activities for you and your guests to enjoy? You’re in luck! Here are some fall activities for your wedding or rehearsal dinner.

For the Adults

Cooking or Mixology Demonstrations

Autumn boasts a fun new seasonal palette of foods and drinks! Give your guests a treat they can take home by bringing a top chef in to host a demonstration of fall cuisines. If food isn’t your focus, a master mixer can teach guests to make one of their favorite fall drinks.

Cider Tasting

While it’s easy to box all the seasonal ciders into being “just apple,” there is a wide array of autumn bubblies and brews to enjoy. Set the stage for your meal with a gorgeous selection of all the seasonal tastings. Display everything in a color gradient to stand out even more!

Outdoor Movie Screening Night

Want an intimate rehearsal dinner that doubles as a way for you and your closest family and friends to relax before the big day? End your night with a cozy outdoor movie setup so everyone can kick back and celebrate your love!

Kid-Friendly Options

Bobbing for Apples

Bobbing for apples is a classic fall activity that brings laughter and joy to everyone, but especially kids! It doesn’t even require a large space to set up and won’t take away from all of your autumn wedding dreams. Tip: Keep the water shallow and the apples small for less mess. This will make it easier for small kids to grab.

Hayride Adventure

Want to have a kid-friendly wedding that gives the young ones a space to let out their energy and enjoy? A hayride is a great way to round up the little ones for seasonal fun. Set up a small loop of fun scarecrows and festive décor for the kids to enjoy a ride through.

Outdoor Games

A space for various outdoor games may be the way to go for your youngest guests! Picture a sweet little space surrounded by haybales or fall décor with a plethora of games to choose from. Some fan favorites include hacky sacks, bean bag tosses, and tug of war.

There are many fun fall activities you can choose from for your wedding or rehearsal dinner! What fun fall activity would you have on your big day?



Images by Aaron Delesie