Fall Wedding Fashion

Fall Wedding Fashion for Brides and Grooms

Fall is here and along with the sweater weather, that means fall wedding season! Did you know that September and October are now the most popular months for weddings? So I’m definitely not the only one to appreciate how the cooler weather and the spectacular fall scenery make an ideal backdrop for a beautiful, cozy wedding day. Of course, if you’re planning an autumnal wedding as a bride or groom, then you will want to think about fall wedding fashion. There are some lovely ways you can make your attire season-appropriate. And, of course, you’ll want to ensure that you opt for warmer fabrics and cuts, especially if you plan to have any part of your day outdoors.

Here are some fabulous fall wedding fashion options for brides and grooms.

Fall Wedding Fashion for Brides

Wedding dresses with sleeves. The obvious choice for a wedding gown when the weather gets cooler is one with sleeves. However, the choice of sleeves is anything but predictable! Every season, designers explore new and more exciting options, from lovely lace to sheer chiffon. Recent bridal runway shows have focused on balloon puff sleeves and bell sleeves, as well as high-neck lace gowns with sleeves. All these looks are perfect for a fall bride (or groom)!

Bridal suits. Of course, a bride doesn’t have to wear a dress at all! Suits and separates are now a staple of bridalwear, with designers constructing fresh looks each season. A bridal suit is a particularly good choice for a fall wedding, since you can wear the blazer when you need to be warmer and shed it later on the dancefloor.

Colorful wedding dresses. Colorful wedding dresses aren’t just for spring and summer weddings! To match your autumnal palette, opt for warmer shades like soft yellow, gold, and rosy mauve. Or add in a nod to Halloween with a bold black gown!

Naked-back wedding dresses. One of the best ways to dress for a fall wedding is to cover up but leave a little skin exposed. Cutouts are a great, on-trend option to achieve this sexy-but-covered-up look. However, the classic style is a long sleeve with a low, exposed back. It’s the perfect mix of stylish and daring!

Capes and cover-ups. Of course, you can choose any wedding dress style and make it fall-appropriate with your accessories! Capes are one of my favorite options for a fall bride, combining romance and practicality. You could choose a simple cape veil or go all-out with embroidery, sequins – even a hood!

Fall Wedding Fashion for Grooms

Jewel tones. Gone are the days when a groom was expected to wear black or gray! Fall weddings are all about rich berry and jewel tones and these lend themselves to groomswear too. Think burgundy, emerald, deep sapphire, or jade. If a colorful suit is too much, consider wearing a jewel-toned velvet blazer or bowtie.

All-black. On the other hand, embracing black can also make a seasonal style statement. Adding a black shirt to a classic black suit looks dramatic and sexy. Ideal if you want to add a nod to the spooky season, or play up a bold colorful gown for the bride!

Tweed or plaid. The cooler weather at a fall wedding calls for heavier fabrics. Tweed and plaid are perfect choices. For a vintage feel, choose a three-piece tweed suit, or keep it simple with a tweed or plaid blazer. Stick to monochromatic plaid patterns, to avoid a lumberjack vibe.

Floral shirt. Fall is a great time to play with pattern! A floral print in autumnal shades peeking out from beneath a classic suit is a fun way to express your personal style.

Knitwear. If you’re aiming for a more casual look on your wedding day, you could opt for a stylish sweater instead of a jacket. You’ll look great and be warm as toast! The key to getting this look right is in the layering as well as choosing well-made, quality knitwear.

No matter the season, pick a look that you love and that suits your style and personality. After all, you should feel confident and comfortable on your big day, whatever outfit you choose!