Fun Ways to Announce Your Engagement

Fun Ways to Announce Your Engagement

Congrats, you’re engaged! Once you’ve popped the champagne, cried some happy tears, and generally just reveled in the moment, it’s time to share your news with the world. Of course, you’ll want to start with close family and friends. It’s important that you announce your engagement to them first. But once your inner circle is on board, how do you make the big public announcement? The traditional way, of course, is to send out formal announcements. But these days, most couples opt for more modern (and more immediate) options, using social media. And of course, it could be as simple as changing your relationship status on Facebook or posting a ring selfie on Instagram. But why not get more creative? Here are ten fun ways to announce your engagement.

Make it personal. Some of my favorite engagement announcements take their cue from the couple’s life and what they like to do together. Caffeine addicts? Write ‘Future Mrs’ on a Starbucks cup and snap a picture to share. Fans of a good game night? Spell out a message in Scrabble tiles. Think about the things that are ‘so you’ and get creative with incorporating them into your announcement.

Recruit your pet. Including your furry family members in the announcement is a no-fail recipe for cuteness. Make them a sign that says: ‘my humans are getting married’, or stack your hands and paws with the ring visible. All for one, and one for all!

Throw a party. A party is always a fun way to share the big news with lots of people at once, especially if the announcement is a surprise! While in-person gatherings are problematic right now, you can still throw a virtual soiree. Invite guests to a Zoom happy hour (or use another pretext) and then hold up your ring finger for all to see!

Make your engagement announcement double as your holiday card. This time of year is the perfect opportunity to send out holiday cards that double as an engagement announcement. Dress up in themed outfits or ugly Christmas sweaters for a photo shoot, snap the ring against a festive backdrop, or hang a special bauble on the tree that says ‘Engaged’.

Make a video or photo montage. Instead of sharing a video on social media, share a short video or a reel of pictures. They could be shots from your engagement (if you have them) or a collection of moments from throughout your relationship. Be sure to add music for extra impact!

Film a reaction video. One of the best ways to share the news is through someone else’s reaction. Whether it’s one of your parents, kids, or a best friend (or a collection of all of them!), it’s sure to make everyone who watches it feel included in the excitement.

Recreate your first date. Go back to the scene of your first date or the place where you met and take a picture recreating the scene. It’ll make for a fun activity as well as a romantic engagement announcement!

Write it in the sand. If you live near the beach, a fun way to announce your engagement is to write a message (for example, ‘she 0r he said yes!’) in the sand and take a picture to share.

Share a quote. If you’re literary lovers, pick a favorite love quote or poem and share it. You could also print or write it out beautifully, and snap a picture of it together with the ring.

Go old fashioned. In this modern age, there’s something extra romantic about receiving something in the mail. Whether you send a formal printed announcement via snail mail or something simpler like a cute postcard, you’ll make the recipients’ day.

How are you planning to announce your engagement?