10 Reasons to Get Married in Your Hometown or City

Deciding on a wedding location will be one of the first big decisions you make as you plan your wedding. But will it be home or away? There are lots of advantages to a destination wedding, whether you have it within your country or somewhere further afield. But there are some definite drawbacks too. Sometimes the best option can be right on your doorstep. And just because you choose to have a local wedding doesn’t mean it will be any less special or fun. But what are the best reasons to get married in your hometown or city? Here are 10 that prove home really might be where the heart is.

You have the inside scoop. You know your city like the back of your hand. All the best places to hang out, all the best food and entertainment. You know what to expect from the weather (more or less!) and there won’t be any culture shocks or language barriers. And, if there are any last-minute needs or challenges, you’ll know exactly where to go.

Trusted vendors. Similarly, when you marry in your hometown or city, you’ll have a lot of connections. You can choose vendors based on word of mouth and recommendations from people you trust. You may have also come across some of them before at other weddings and events, and have seen their work firsthand.

Home comforts. The time leading up to your wedding day can be stressful. Sometimes being in a familiar environment can help you feel more relaxed. With a destination wedding, you may also have to deal with jetlag and other travel. When you get married in your hometown or city, you can take refuge in the places and people you know and love if it all becomes overwhelming.

Convenience for your guests. A destination wedding can be an amazing experience but it’s asking a lot of your guests in terms of time and money. There’s no doubt that many of them will prefer not to have to travel or book time off work. Even for out-of-towners, you’ll be able to suggest the best accommodations and help them get the best experience out of your local stomping ground.

More guests will be able to attend. When planning a destination wedding, most couples understand that fewer people will be able to attend. While intimate celebrations can be wonderful, it can also be sad to miss those who can’t be there. A local wedding presents less of a barrier. So you can expect a higher rate of positive RSVPs.

Sentimental value. Getting married on your home turf opens up a lot of sweet, sentimental options. For example, you could get married at the church where your parents said their vows or in the garden of the family home. You could include some of your local favorites and traditions or tell the story of your relationship through some of the details.

You can easily revisit your wedding venue. Weddings are also about creating new traditions and memories. For example, you can enjoy anniversary dinners in the restaurant where you had your rehearsal dinner or stay in the same hotel that hosted your reception. When you’re able to return and relive your wedding experience, it becomes part of your story in an ongoing way.

Photo opportunities. When you get married locally, you can include photos at some of your favorite spots (or ones that are meaningful to you). These will make them even more special to you in years to come – more than just a beautiful beach or landscape in the background!

It’s all about you. When you’re hosting a destination wedding, there can be a lot of pressure to ensure the guests are keeping busy and having an amazing time. You’ll have to sacrifice some of that precious couple time to entertain your loved ones. A local wedding gives you more flexibility with your schedule.

Your honeymoon will be more exciting. A destination wedding can really cut into honeymoon time. With a local wedding, when you jet off afterwards it will be that much more special.

Of course, there’s no right or wrong answer. You have to choose a wedding location that’s right for you. For some couples, that means jetting off with a handful of their favorite people. For others, Dorothy’s words will always hold true: there’s no place like home.


Image by John and Joseph Photography Inc.