Holiday Weekend Wedding Tips

One of the most desirable wedding dates is one that falls on a holiday weekend. Why? Long weekends, of course! Many guests will have either the previous Friday or the following Monday off work. That makes travel a bit easier in terms of time away from the office. Read on for a few tips to make planning your wedding on a holiday weekend a little easier for everyone involved.


Get your Save The Dates in the mail as soon as possible. Because you’ve selected a holiday weekend as your wedding weekend, you’ll want to get on your guests’ minds as soon as possible so they don’t make other plans. With that being said, if travel is involved and you’re in a highly-tourism-based area, reservations and accommodations may fill more quickly than another weekend without a holiday attached. With ample time given to your guests, they can set alerts for airfare to ensure their arrival at your wedding location, safe and sound!

Create an Itinerary

Because a holiday weekend wedding tends to have more time available (ahem, the long weekend!) I love to create an itinerary for guests that allows them to get a feel for the location on their own terms and with some hosted options. Welcome bags delivered to your guests upon arrival are a nice touch. In those welcome bags, include a guide to the area for the best food, drink, recreation, hiking trails, shopping, etc. A wonderful way to thank your guests for joining your holiday weekend wedding is by hosting a welcome dinner. This gives everyone an opportunity to mingle and get reacquainted if some time has passed since the last gathering. Not to mention, more time for the happy couple to visit with their loved ones! Typically, it is customary to see a welcome event, the wedding itself, and a send-off option. Everyone loves brunch after an eventful night!

Acknowledge Local Events

A holiday weekend wedding is FUN! But it is important to note any city events that may alter your big plans. If you’re near the Fourth of July, keep in mind there may be road closures for parades. Or maybe a complimentary fireworks show! Check the local calendars for city events– marathons, annual celebrations, or construction that may affect your preferred hotel or resort locations. Selecting a highly qualified wedding planner will help you navigate these more nuanced logistics, and should handle that research for you! Still, narrowing down your wedding planner? Check out this blog post about 10 questions you should start with.

Be Flexible

Choosing a highly-coveted holiday weekend can require some flexibility. You must understand that some resources may be limited depending on your location. It would also behoove you to accept that some guests may have standing obligations that keep them from attending. Of course, no one wants to plan their dream wedding around everyone else’s schedule, but it is key to note that holiday weekends may feel extra long, but they are sometimes booked out in advance.

No matter what weekend you select for your wedding, it will be long and celebratory! Adding a holiday weekend to the mix may add another level of planning. Still, with the proper preparation and wedding planner, your holiday weekend wedding will go off without a hitch. Now, let’s get you down that aisle!



Image by Valorie Darling Photography