wedding colors for 2021

The Hottest Wedding Colors for 2021

When I’m asked what weddings will look like in 2021 and 2022, one of the things I always mention is color. Lots of it! After a year of sad news, this wedding season will be a chance to finally celebrate again and there’s no better way to do that than with some mood-boosting hues. It’s amazing how much of a difference color can make to the ambiance of an event, and bold, saturated shades are pure happiness. Wedding colors for 2021 run the rainbow from rich reds to sunny yellows. So don’t limit yourself! Get playful with your palette. But if you’re struggling for a place to start, these gorgeous wedding colors for 2021 are bright, beautiful – and very much on trend!

Here are the hottest wedding colors for 2021.

Marigold yellow. There’s no happier color than yellow! So it’s no wonder that this sunny shade is being seen in many variations this year. For weddings, Marigold is top of the pack. A gorgeous orange-yellow, it’s warm without being seasonal and bright without being overpowering. A little of this shade goes a long way, so use it sparingly but for maximum impact. Use it as a surprising accent against neutral décor (yellow glassware against a classic white table, for example), add it to cool shades like blues, grays, and teals to lift them, or be bold and pair it with bright poppy red for a true fiesta vibe.

Mayan blue. Blue is always a calming, anchoring color and that’s something else we need right now. This season you’ll be seeing some deep Atlantic blues as well as soft baby blues, but I also love this punch azure shade. It’s a punchy step up from powder blue, meaning it’s saturated enough to stand on its own but can also blend in as an alternative to a pastel. For maximum spring brides, pair it with a bright lemon yellow or use it to elevate a fall palette with mauves and burgundies. There’s so much you can do with this color!

Lilac and lavender. Pale purple hues aren’t new in weddings, but they’ve never been prettier or more natural. Lilac and lavender are elegant but have a touch of whimsy. Think the signature wisteria garlands of Bridgerton (a look which pairs perfectly with Mayan blue, in fact!). Or paired with other pastels for a soft, romantic, and very spring-like look. Soft lilac and lavender wedding dresses are also having a big fashion moment in weddings right now, and are the perfect alternative to blush, gray, or blue for a color-loving bride.

Papaya. Orange can be tricky to incorporate into a wedding palette, but papaya is a great option. It has punch without being too much. It pairs well with citrus or tropical hues, especially for a sunny destination wedding. But muted, it also looks amazing with terra cotta and pink for an upgrade on boho neutrals. Or use it instead of peach to lift pastels, for a fresh and fun look.

’90s brights. Trends for the 1990s are everywhere at the moment, especially in fashion. So it’s no surprise that ’90s brights have made their way over to weddings as well. Instead of being about one color, this is an ensemble. For example, fuchsia, teal, cobalt, bright yellow, and cherry red. When used to inspire floral displays this color palette is irresistible! It also pairs well with details like neon signs and geometric shapes.

So there you have them – the top wedding colors for 2021! Which do you like best?