How to Bachelorette Party in Style

One of the more lively events leading up to a wedding is the bachelorette and bachelor parties! Planning a vacation (or stay-cation) with your best crew can be life-giving and create memories you’ll cherish forever. There are so many ways to celebrate and it’s important to plan an occasion that fits your personality. Fortunately, this is one celebration that heavily relies on input from your bridal party! It’s possible someone may take the lead and remove you from planning another facet. Or, if you enjoy controlling a situation and hosting your people, this is an excuse to fit in all the things your little heart desires. Read on for some ideas about how to bachelorette party in style.

Choose your vibe

The phrase “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” surely has a connotation of a raucous time. If that’s your style, you are not alone! The entertainment factor is sky-high in Las Vegas and other nightlife-centric locations like Miami or Scottsdale. At the other end of the spectrum is something more secluded and low-key. Think of a cabin rental on a summer lake or a wellness retreat at a posh resort. Something in the middle of these ideas might be wine tasting in a local region. Naturally, your personality will influence your bachelorette party vibe and begin to help you narrow down locations.


There are many ways to select the locale for your party. Sometimes it comes from a place of logistics. Are you accommodating a bridal party spread out across the country? There may be a destination that is centrally located for everyone. Another consideration is to use an international airport if you have members flying from all over. It makes travel easier…but if there’s a will, there’s a way. If you’ve dreamt of this occasion for years and have a specific location in mind, do it. It isn’t every year that all your closest friends clear their schedules to spend quality time together. Seeking that landmark location in Tulum? Now seems like a great time. Even if you’re having a destination wedding, traveling for the bachelorette/bachelor party is definitely on brand!

Build an itinerary

One way to have a bachelor party that rocks is to build an itinerary. I’m not suggesting a timestamped map of the entire weekend. But I do suggest anchoring a few outings and expectations for a few reasons.

  • Making sure your must-do tasks get prioritized. If you’ve had your eye on a specific hiking trail or highly-coveted restaurant, build that in.
  • Planning meals. No one likes to be hungry or waiting for others to wake up before brunch is underway. Having expectations for the day sets the tone and allows people in the group to make sure they have what they need without having to take a poll of the group.
  • Packing. Building out an itinerary ensures the group is prepared for the activities you want to partake in. If you’re attending a fine dining dinner in black attire with the guest of honor in white, your group needs to know. Hiking, yoga, beach time. Each of these tasks requires specific clothing.
  • Downtime. Block in some downtime on the weekend so everyone has time to rest and relax. We’ve all experienced the feeling of needing a vacation from your vacation. Don’t let it happen this time!

One of the best trends that have emerged in recent years is that we are encouraged to do what we want to do. Sure, we honor tradition. But we are empowered to change the script a little bit, too. I’ve seen joint bachelor/bachelorette parties, sober soirees, and themed outings. The whole gamut! However it goes, you’ll bachelorette party in style by doing just that– sticking to your style. Cheers to that!



Image by KT Merry