Celebrate the Everyday as a Family

How to Celebrate the Everyday as a Family

There are the big milestones we celebrate as a family – birthdays, holidays, graduations. But, especially once the school season starts, it can feel like a marathon getting from one of those high points to the next. At the same time, it’s important to show our kids that every moment together counts and help them recognize and celebrate the small wins and milestones in life as they achieve them. Learning to celebrate the everyday is a great way to help you connect as a family and show appreciation for things that might otherwise be overlooked, leading to improved self-esteem and the confidence to try new things, and ensuring that everyone feels special and valued.

Whether it’s recognizing a good grade, a big win, a first, or a last, here are 7 ways to celebrate the everyday with your kids.

Prepare a special meal. It’s no accident that food plays such an important part in celebrations across cultures. Eating together is an important way of bonding us as a group, both in the preparation and enjoyment of a meal. Whether it’s making your child’s favorite food, serving up a special dish that everyone loves, or going out to eat together, there are lots of ways to turn a meal into a celebration. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, just different from the usual. And participation is key! Include everyone in the planning and prep, from choosing a menu or restaurant to setting the table.

Give a greeting card. We tend to save greeting cards for big occasions like birthdays or Christmas, but there’s no reason why you can’t give them any day of the year. Especially if they’re homemade, a card can show a lot of care. Take advantage of one of the many minor holidays or simply make up one of your own. It’s the message inside that will really make an impact.

Plant a seed. If you have a garden, planting something together can be a great way to mark an occasion. It can be something bigger, like a tree sapling, or simply a new flower. As the plant grows, it will bring back happy memories. It also serves as a reminder of your kids’ own growth and learning.

Set up a sundae bar. You don’t have to celebrate with a whole meal – just a single dessert is enough. And ice cream is ALWAYS a good idea! Set up a sundae bar so kids can build their own delicious creations. It’s simple to do but feels like a big treat!

Take a picture! Even though smartphones have made it easier for us to take pictures and document everyday life, we often forget to take pictures as a family outside of big occasions. The simple act of documenting an achievement – no matter how small – will turn it into something to remember. At the end of the school year, make your child an album of all these moments.

Play a game. It’s always a good idea to encourage physical activity in your kids, so why not take this as an opportunity to get moving? It can be an outing like going to the mini golf course, bowling alley, indoor climbing wall, or trampoline park. Or it can be as simple as a game of family football or basketball in the backyard. If physical activity isn’t your thing, then a board game is also always a lot of fun.

Watch a favorite movie. The simple act of getting to choose a movie can be a big deal to a kid, especially in a big family! It makes a great reward for a small win. Make it extra fun by making popcorn and cuddling up under a blanket together or setting up an outdoor cinema.

Once you get started, you’ll find creative opportunities to celebrate the everyday all around you!