How to Make Classic All-white Weddings Modern

If there’s one word usually used to describe an all-white wedding it’s this one: timeless. And it’s true – white weddings are classics no matter when they take place. Something about that clean, monochrome palette makes it simultaneously of-the-moment and enduring. All-white weddings are also super versatile and work for any variety of styles and settings. But what if you don’t want your all-white wedding to be TOO classic? If you want to showcase your love of contemporary design and make a bold statement with your details? Read on! I have all the info you need on how to make a classic all-white wedding modern and chic.

Choose a modern venue. Your venue will set the tone for your wedding. So if you’re looking for a contemporary vibe, you’ll want to select a venue that has clean lines and a neutral palette. Even better if you can find a unique space that fits the brief like an art gallery or loft. If you find the perfect modern space but it has a few darker or more colorful elements, you can always use these to make the white décor pop or use clever decorating techniques to hide or underplay them.

Use texture to add interest. One of the problems with all-white weddings is that all that monochrome can make a space feel stark and sterile. It’s important to use texture to add dimension. One of the first places you can do this is with your invitation. Make it tactile with unique materials, shapes, or techniques like letterpress. Have your designer focus more on these and typography than on illustration or color. The overall effect will be a beautiful forerunner to your modern all-white wedding aesthetic.

Incorporate clear elements. Transparent materials are another way to showcase a white palette while also looking very modern and stylish. For example, vellum, acrylic, glass and Lucite. Ghost chairs are always a great option for ceremony or reception seating.

Choose the unexpected. One of the best ways to make an impact on your guests is to create a twist on something classic. For example, at one of my recent weddings, we created a triple square floral arch made up of all-white blooms instead of the usual single arch. It definitely had the wow-factor!

Use structured florals. For an all-white wedding, you have an almost infinite choice of flower varieties. But to create a truly modern look, choose florals with a sleek, architectural feel like orchids, calla lilies, and anthurium. Pair them with structured botanical elements like branches and dried palm leaves and ask your florist to create unusual shapes for the bouquet and arrangements.

Wear modern attire. For a modern all-white wedding, the best bridal options are either sleek minimalism or a bold, fashion-forward design. Stay away from fussy details like lace and beading. It’s all about shape and structure! The same goes for the bridal party. For example, bridesmaids in white jumpsuits is a great look for a contemporary celebration!

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Image by John and Joseph Photography Inc.