How to Make Your Home Feel Like Fall

Fall is such a wonderful season. The crisp air, the changing leaves, the feeling of wanting to cocoon away with the people you love in a haven of warmth and comfort. The only bad thing about it is that it always seems to rush past too quickly! One way to really make the most of those fall vibes is to make your home feel like fall, using clever switches and updates. These kinds of markers also help to reflect the environment around us, making us feel more in tune with nature and the seasons. Think of it as a PSL, but for your home décor!

So here are 5 ways to make your home feel like fall.

Bring out all the soft, cozy textural elements. Making your home super cozy for fall starts with texture. That means thick heavier fabrics such as thick blankets and chunky knits. Pillows and throws can also go a long way to transform the vibe of a room. For example, switch out the throw pillows on your sofa or drape a throw over the back of a chair. Layering in plush rugs is another good idea.

Add fresh flowers in fall hues. Fresh flowers always transform any space. To make your home feel like fall, add a few arrangements of seasonal flowers in rich fall colors. Dried florals, pods, grasses, and foliage are also lovely additions to a fall arrangement or can be displayed on their own. Make sure you place the flowers somewhere that catches the eye, where you can enjoy them every day.

Light a candle (or several!). When designing a wedding or event, candles are a great way to create an intimate ambiance. The same goes for your home. Candlelight immediately gives any room a cozy feeling. Intensify the effect by choosing candles in a fall scent. Opt for one that has nostalgic memories for you and you’ll be in heaven every time you light it!

Swap out your bedding. Similar to adding textural elements to living areas, changing your bed linens is an easy way to introduce a new season in a very tactile way. Opt for the comfiest fabrics like butter-soft flannel or jersey. A down comforter is a must, and you can finish off the look with a blanket or throw.

Create a fall vignette as a focal point. One of the most effective ways to update your home décor for fall is to create a seasonal vignette around a focal object or area. For example, a mantelpiece, entry table, or bookcase. Add fall décor elements in organic materials or pieces straight from nature such as foliage, pumpkins, or gourds. Signage is another good option. A fall palette will bring the whole look together.

What do you do to make your home feel like fall?