How to Throw a Labor Day White Party

It may still be the peak of summer but with days slowly getting shorter, Labor Day is almost here. So why not use it as an opportunity to celebrate one more time with friends and family before the fall? If you’re looking for a Labor Day party theme, I’d suggest a white party. A cheeky play on the old saying: “Don’t wear white after Labor Day,’ it’s also a fun and elegant way to see out the season in style. But how do you plan a Labor Day white party? What are the best options for food, décor, and entertainment? I’ve gathered a few ‘blanc and beautiful’ suggestions below to inspire you!

Choose a neutral venue. While I always love color, this is one occasion where a neutral backdrop will really make things easier for you. If you know of a local restaurant or bar with modern, white décor then consider hiring it out. A photography studio is another option and can make a chic cocktail venue. Or, if you’re planning your white party at a beach or backyard, consider hiring a white tent or hanging white drapes to create an Ibiza cabana-like backdrop.

Send out white invites. A white-themed invitation will immediately set the tone for your white-out party. (Whether you send it online or in the mail!) But your invites will also serve another important purpose: letting your guests know about the dress code. Be sure not only to let them know to wear white but to signal how formal or casual the party will be. There’s a big difference between casual, beachy whites and white-tie!

Choose white-on-white décor. When it comes to the décor for a Labor Day white party, you’ll obviously want to stick to the white theme. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Add texture with details like linens, glassware, and lots of fresh white flowers. Hire white or clear ghost chairs and create white mini-lounges with white couches, chairs, and bar stools or even white picnic blankets for a more rustic feel. Balloons are also a great addition here, from oversize white balloons tied with ribbon or greenery to white balloon arches which can really be a feature!

Use lights and candles to create atmosphere. One of the great things about white décor is that, when the lights go down, it can look beautiful and ethereal when combined with candles and twinkle lights. Use pillar candles, white paper lanterns, and strings of tiny white twinkle lights to light up the night in style.

Serve white food and drinks. Of course, you don’t have to match your menu to the monochrome color palette. However, it can look really striking and turns your buffet into another white décor feature. You can keep it simple with an all-white candy or dessert buffet, or serve light bites like dips and cheeses. White wine and champagne will always work, but you can also serve signature cocktails like white sangria or champagne margaritas. Whatever you serve, be sure not to include messy foods that might spill on your guests’ all-white attire.

Of course, there are many more Labor Day white party ideas, but these basics will get you started and ensure that your soiree is ‘all white on the night’!


Image by Amy and Stuart Photography