Ideas for a Classic Green and White Wedding

You’ve got the theme for your wedding; now it’s time to bring that look to life! From your venue to your dining choices, there are many ways to take a classic look and personalize it. Here are some of my ideas for a green and white wedding.

Venue and Décor

Gardens and Outdoors: Let your venue encompass your theme by choosing a stunning garden or lush green outdoor space! Then, use white décor and florals to add the other half of your classic green and white look.

Greenery with White Florals: Even if you opt for a venue that isn’t outdoors or a garden, greenery and florals are a fantastic way to build your theme. Imagine your aisle lined with runners of lush greenery and pops of white flowers like roses or hydrangeas.

Under the Green: Take green and white to the next level by spending the night under an out-of-this-world ceiling of mixed greenery peppered with soft white flowers. One of my favorite ways to create a dreamy atmosphere is floral ceilings that hang beautifully overhead!

Green and White Wedding Attire

Bridal Gown: Picture this – you’re walking down the aisle in an all-white dress accented by small accessories of sweet green. Something as simple as a green hairpiece, necklace, earrings, or even green heels can tie this stunning look to your theme!

Bridesmaid Dresses: Even if you opt for an all-white gown without the green accents, another great way to weave your theme into your wedding attire is through your bridesmaids’ dresses.

Groomsmen: Groomsmen outfits are often not seen as a way to add to a theme, but they can! Instead of all-black suits, have your groomsmen wear a subtle earthy green.

Details and Dining

Simple Elegant Cake: Keep your wedding classic by adding greenery to your all-white tiered wedding cake. While florals are often the norm in cake décor, adding a splash of green can take your cake to the next level. Plus, after layering in some green, soft pops of white florals like roses and peonies work as gorgeous accents.

Green Stationery: Menus and stationery are a simple but stand-out way to incorporate hints of green into your décor. Take it a step further and incorporate a table of lush greenery at the entrance where guests can find their emerald greeting cards penned in gold ink!

Green and White Treats: Maybe don’t go as far as green eggs and ham, but definitely think outside of the box and have fun with your cuisine! Work with your caterer to brainstorm treats that include a dash of green. One fun interpretation would be a specialized cocktail that uses edible green glitter!

When in doubt, start with the basics! Find your venue and build your theme from there, but always remember to keep an eye on the small details that will wow your guests. If you’re in need of some inspiration, find some of my favorite green and white wedding designs on my Instagram.



Images by Amy & Stuart and Aaron Delesie