Ideas for a Summer Wedding Menu

Summer wedding season is right around the corner, and with it comes an entire palette of possibilities for your wedding menu. You might be asking: what is a “summer” taste? I am here to help! Here are some summer wedding menu ideas for your big day.


Watermelon Feta Bites: This appetizer can be made into both singular bites or skewered treats. Take cubes or spheres of fresh, sweet watermelon and top them with crumbled feta cheese. Mint leaves or a mint dressing are optional, but both will add another bit of fresh summer flavor.

Caprese: Another bite-sized delectable food is caprese. The fresh tomatoes with basil and a touch of olive oil or balsamic glaze can work as a perfect introduction to the flavors of your wedding day.

Main Courses

Grilled Salmon: Summertime seafood is a must, and salmon is a great main course option. Plus, there are so many sauce options that dive into seasonal flavors. For example, a lemon dill glaze would bring the bright citrus of summertime to your meal.

Stuffed Bell Peppers: If you’re in need of a vegetarian option, stuffed bell peppers can be easily made meatless. Mix in some quinoa, beans, corn, and spices, and enjoy the taste of fresh summer veggies.


Summer Salad: With various seasonal fruits, a summer salad of mixed fruits or even a green salad topped with summer berries would be a fabulous side to any meal. One popular option would be a watermelon feta salad for a crisp and refreshing crunch.

Garlic Parmesan Roasted Potatoes: If you’re looking for a side dish with some more carbs, roasted potatoes go well with just about any main course. A touch of garlic and parmesan, or even a sprinkle of rosemary, will add to the flavor profile of this side dish.


Lemon Bars: Sweet and sour are the perfect combo when it comes to these tasty treats. Citrus season is in full swing during the summer and lemons are a brilliant addition to end the night. This dessert is a great option if you’re looking for something lighter and more refreshing!

Fruit Tarts: There is a natural sweetness to the fruits and berries that are in season during summertime, and they would work as a fabulous set of desserts. Assorted tarts would allow you and your guests to enjoy a bit of each of the different popular tastes. Strawberry, peach, and kiwi are just a few options.


Iced Tea and Lemonade Station: Summertime and iced tea and lemonade are something that go hand in hand. One way to take the simple drink and make it more engaging for your guests is by setting up a “mix your own” station. This allows everyone to create their own drink mixes. Include fruit inclusions and syrups or even ice cubes with flowers frozen inside to add a more luxurious touch.

Custom Cocktails: Another way to add a personal twist to your menu while keeping to a summer palette is by creating custom cocktails with seasonal inspiration. Choose some of your favorite flavors and work from there!

Do any of these ideas excite your taste buds? These are just a few summer wedding menu ideas, but if you’re looking for more check out these tips on how to design a wedding menu that will wow your guests.



Images by Amy & Stuart