Ideas for Great Wedding Gifting

Giving a nice wedding gift can sometimes be as easy as browsing the couple’s registry. It’s selected to fit their specifications and the online shopping experience is often streamlined to deliver at their residence. Be that as it may, a personalized wedding gift can take something good and make it beyond. I’ve compiled some ideas for great wedding gifting that will make the recipients feel truly loved.


There is a reason a classic monogram has stood the test of time. A monogrammed item (or set of items) is a wonderful idea for great wedding gifting. I like to choose something that will elevate an everyday experience. For instance, monogrammed leather card holders or key fabs, stationery that proudly shows their new last name or even a custom return address embosser for all of the thank you cards to follow. A standard gift that may grace a registry can be personalized to make a great wedding gift. Looking for more ideas? I have a new partnership with Mark & Graham for even better creative personalized gifts. Be sure to shop the collection! Because I love a good monogram…

Location Inspired

Another way to get ideas for great wedding gifting comes from the locale. Destination weddings are in high demand and teeming with opportunities for thoughtful wedding gift ideas. If you’re packing your bags for a summer getaway in Positano, shop for an Italian designer. You may also engrave a bottle of local wine or liqueur to toast to anniversaries ahead. I am also one for thoughtful gifts– making a shadowbox of trinkets, cocktail napkins, matchboxes, seashells, etc. from the Southern California Coast will likely take the recipient’s breath away and maybe even invite a smile or two. Any good wedding gift instantly becomes a great one when you add a level of intimacy and thoughtfulness to its essence.


Sometimes the best gift is not an item at all! I love to gift experiences because they indicate you want to spend quality time together– or allow them to share quality time with their new spouse. If you’re looking for ideas for great wedding gifting, consider planning a date night for the newlyweds, a group outing at a theme park, or a sunset cruise on their anniversary. Often after the hustle and bustle of nuptials, they’ll want to slow down and cherish their time together. Perhaps the couple prefers to stay in the comfort of their home. Meal delivery or prep services can bring the restaurant experience to their own kitchen without the hassle of planning, shopping, or heavy preparation.

Being that you’re invited to celebrate the wedding, I’d venture to assume your presence may be present enough. However, if you’re looking for ideas for great wedding gifting, I hope these suggestions have offered inspiration. To read further on wedding gifting etiquette, read my article breaking down the dos and don’ts. I believe that no matter the size of the gift, something that was selected with intent and thoughtfulness will take any wedding gift from good to great.




Image by Amy & Stuart Photography