Instagram Worthy Ring Bearer Ideas

There are thousands of ways to add some Insta-worthiness to your wedding, but I want to bring your attention to one that might get overlooked. Here are some Instagram-worthy ring bearer ideas that can create your wedding’s viral (and oh-so sweet) moment.

Pet Ring Bearer

Are you a pet person? Whether you have an adorable puppy, kitty, or fur-child, consider using them as your ring bearer. This idea does require some important checkmarks to be met, but at the top of the list: can your pet make it down the aisle? I recommend running more than one test run before the wedding. Make sure to have friends and family sit in to recreate the busy atmosphere. Be sure to consider the comfort of your pet and never force him or her to participate if it’s too stressful.

Little tip: Have a dog sitter on hand to be in charge at all times for a stress-free and safe environment for the little guy or gal.


This idea is for couples that love nostalgia and fairytales. Why have a plain pillow to hold your rings when you could have your ring at the center of your love story? Write up a short version of your own fairytale and have it printed or bound in a beautiful leather book. As your ring bearer walks the aisle, have the ring box set perfectly in the center of the open book in their hands. To add to the wow-factor, wrap the book in glittering fairy lights so your rings can sparkle their way down the aisle!

Switch Out the Ring Pillow

This idea is a small change that can make a big difference when it comes to the memorable moments of your wedding. Trade out the traditional ring pillow and create something that fits the theme of the day! If you’re aiming for an outdoor garden vibe, try a mossy pillow of florals and greens. Or, if you’re hosting a tropical beach wedding, switch a ring pillow for a small glass terrarium and lay your rings on a bed of sand that you can later take home as a simple but gorgeous memory.

“Ring Security”

Do you have an adorable ring bearer in mind? Or maybe a friend who loves to be a bit playful and fun? Dress them up in a “James Bond” worthy suit and send them on their way with your precious gems! Make sure your ring bearer is in on the joke so they can act the part. Not only will you get a good laugh from your crowd, but you will have the perfect Insta-worthy moment and memories to share.

Would you incorporate any of these Insta-worthy ring bearer ideas into your wedding? Once your plan for your ring bearer is set, here are some ways to make your wedding a great experience for flower girls and ring bearers.