Last Minute Valentine’s Day at Home Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a special day of love and affection, but it’s not all about the big meal or fancy gifts. A homemade Valentine’s Day card, made out of love by your own hand, can be one of the most beautiful gifts you give on this special day—and there are so many different ways to go about creating one! You don’t need anything fancy to make a great card: a few simple supplies and a lot of love. If you’re stuck for ideas on what to create, here are some great last-minute Valentine’s Day at home ideas:

Surprise your loved one with a homemade Valentine’s Day card.

Make it personal. The best Valentine’s Day cards are always those that have a personal touch. Whether you write a poem, use an inspirational quote, or just write something sweet, make sure that your message comes from the heart.

Use a photo of the two of you together in some way on the front of your card–it could be as simple as including both names on top (or bottom) of the picture!

If there are any pets in your life, consider incorporating them into your Valentine’s Day card too. A cute photo would work perfectly here as well. And if there aren’t any pets involved? Just grab some pictures from other fun activities that show how special your life is together.

Make some treats to share with your partner and a few friends.

Bake cookies, brownies, cupcakes, or muffins for the two of you to enjoy together. You can also make pancakes or waffles (with syrup) or even bread and share with your favorite Galentine’s too.

Uncover a few of the special treasures that you have kept from past Valentine’s Days.

Keep a box of old Valentine’s cards and gifts and share the memories on this day.

Keep a box of old Valentine’s decorations and bring them out before your love wakes up.

Keep a box of old photos from past Valentine’s Days and display them at your dinner table.

Try writing about your first date or another significant moment in your relationship. Share this piece with your partner on the big day.

Share a story about your first date. Share a story about how you met. Share a story about when you knew you were in love with each other. Share a story about when you knew that being together forever was the right choice for both of you, no matter what happened next or where life took either of them individually or as a couple (or family).

Make a fun playlist for your evening together, with songs that you both love.

Listen to songs that you both like. Listen to songs that you used to listen to together. Listen to songs that remind you of your first date. This is a great way for couples who have been together for a long time or need to rekindle the early days.

There are tons of great last-minute ideas if you just brainstorm creatively!

You can do this! I know, it can be hard to think of ideas when you’re running around last minute. But if you brainstorm creatively, there is love to share. Even a simple dinner at home on your best china (from scratch or Uber Eats!) can be romantic. Think french fries and fine dining.

Well all else fails, think about what you love about the other person. Think about what makes them special, unique, and amazing–and then give them that thing! For example: “I love how much time we spend together at home.” Or “I love our shared interest in gardening.” Or even something simple like “I love that I’m able to trust you completely with my heart.”

If you’re a last-minute planner, I hope these tips help you say I love you today!