Ornate Wedding Cakes Are Trending for 2019

ornate wedding cake

These days, couples tend to fall into one of two camps. Either they’re looking for a wedding that’s sleek, minimalist and modern, or they’re all about extravagant detailing and statement pieces. And while I can appreciate the ‘less is more’ approach, sometimes – well, MORE is more! If there’s one place where over the top detailing is never amiss, it’s on the wedding cake, which is why so many 2019 couples are embracing the ornate wedding cake trend.

Here are some of the most fabulous fancy cake options I’ve seen so far.

Cascading blooms. Flowers are nothing new as a wedding cake decoration, but this isn’t a simple halo of roses we’re talking about. Think hundreds of lifelike sugar flowers cascading down multiple tiers, either in multiple colors or all in white. So romantic.

Hand painted. Hand painted wedding cakes have been gaining favor over the last few years and with new techniques and materials available, the results are nothing less than spectacular! From abstract brushstrokes to copies of museum masterpieces, your wedding cake will be a real work of art.

Cake chandeliers. The upside down cake is a truly extraordinary feat of cake engineering, and one that your guests won’t soon forget. Built in reverse so larger tiers sit above smaller ones and often presented hanging from the ceiling, these truly have the wow-factor.

Different tiers. When it’s all about visual interest (or if you just can’t decide which look you like best), opt for a cake that has different detailing on each tier. They should be complementary but unique. So one might have textured fondant, another hand-painted detail, a third gold leaf, etc.

High society. Of course, one of the best ways to make a cake stand out is to make it stand head and shoulders above everything else. Tall cakes have been favorites with royalty for years, and they make a very glamorous impression. They’re also a good way to combine minimalist lines with maximum impact, as you can opt for a simple shape like square or octagon and simple decoration. The many tiers will still ensure it gets your guests talking.

The only problem, of course, is cutting into one of these beauties. They’re almost too good to eat!



Top image by Ira Lippke