Must Pack Packing List for Your Honeymoon

packing-list-for-your-honeymoonSummer wedding season means honeymoons aren’t far behind. It’s a lot to plan for a wedding and honeymoon at the same time so I thought I’d make it a little easier and share my favorite travel items to take with you.

This is my must-pack packing list for your honeymoon.

Of course, the destination and weather during your honeymoon plays a role in what to pack so always check weather patterns before you fly. Ask your concierge what they suggest for the climate in terms of clothing. Then, in addition to those destination-specific must-have’s, be sure to also include:

Layers. Traveling with layers is key to staying warm on long flights. It’s also important in times of increment weather while being able to transition easily into hotter temperatures on arrival or when you enter and exit air conditioned restaurants, museums or other activities.

Passports, Visas, Airline Tickets and Copies of Each. Don’t forget all you need to travel to the destination! In addition, make photo copies of all important documents in the rare event something is lost or stolen along the way.

Wellness essentials. Getting sick on a honeymoon is no fun. Safeguard as best you can and load up on any vitamins or other wellness goods you take to avoid picking anything up in the plane. Travel with back stock of your medications in case you get sick on location or extend the stay.

Along those same lines, don’t forget to pack any contraception, toiletries, makeup or other getting ready and daily essentials so you aren’t scrambling to find products upon arrival.

Something special for a night out (or two)! Even if your honeymoon plans are laid back and casual, pack something special to wear out just in case a great restaurant, reservation, or special evening outing gets planned.

Something special for a night in too. Time to put those bachelorette or bridal shower lingerie gifts to good use. Pack something special to wear in your honeymoon suite too.


If you know me, you know how much I just love, love shoes. While you can never pack enough pairs, try to plan accordingly and avoid extra baggage. Bring enough pairs to get you through day, night, trek, beach or any other activity or climate you may encounter.

Camera. It sounds like an obvious one, but these days our phones act as our camera most of the time. Consider packing an actual camera for even better quality prints. This matters even more if your phone may not have the most updated technology included.

Electronic travel essentials. Don’t forget any cords, chargers, headphones or other necessities to capture the magic on film and help navigate your travels electronically.

Now just narrowing down all those outfits in the tricky part. Safe travels and happy honeymooning!



Image via Hurawalhi Maldives.