Pretty in Pale Pink: Ways to Add Pale Pink to Your Wedding

All pink can overwhelm when it comes to finding a middle ground for wedding themes both grooms and brides can love. Here are some unique ways to weave pale pink into your wedding without it feeling overdone!

Perfectly Pink Drinks

Personal cocktails are a great way to weave a pop of color into your wedding without it becoming overwhelming!  You can weave pale pink into your wedding with a simple gender-neutral sparkling cocktail for each guest. Also, if you want an extra splash of pink, add some floral accents or napkins to your cocktail bar.

An Eye-Catching Arrangement

Pale pink doesn’t need to overwhelm your wedding to make a statement. Try adding an eye-catching arrangement at the front of your venue or even your reception hall to wow your guests. I loved this beautiful arrangement of colorful roses mixed with pale pink pouring from a wagon for a recent event!

A Stunning Centerpiece

Although an all-pink centerpiece can be stunning, try weaving in lush greenery and subtle white florals to even out the decor. A tall crystal glass with gorgeously flowing white orchids accented by soft pale pink roses can be just the hint of pink you need while wowing your guests with a sophisticated look.

A Table Runner

Another way to wow the room while adding a pop of color is table runners. I loved this table runner I created for a recent event and couldn’t get over how it softened the space with pale pink! If you want a less subtle addition of pink tones to your wedding, a floral table runner could make your space stand out. Or, if you want to go all out, keep the tone of your pink florals lighter for a subtle dreamy space.

Linens in Pink

Although florals can be breathtaking, they aren’t the only way to add pale pink to your wedding! You can use linens like tablecloths, napkins, table runners, and more as accents in your decor. If you want to take your wedding one step further, personalized handkerchiefs for each guest decorated with soft pale pink can be a great memory to take home from your big day.

Will you be adding hints of pale pink to your wedding?  Don’t be afraid to get creative with your decor to add subtle hints of color that will transform your space into your dream!



Images by KT Merry and John and Joseph Photography