Summer 2021 Wedding Trends

Weddings are finally happening again! And I couldn’t be happier. But, of course, with Coronavirus safety still a top priority, the summer 2021 wedding trends look a little different. Gone are the days of family-style dining and self-service G&T bars (for now). Instead, it’s all about individual portions and guest experiences that support social distancing. But most of all, it’s about joy and celebration, getting dressed up again, and partying together under the summer sun. Here are five top summer 2021 wedding trends that we’ll be seeing in the coming months. Which is your favorite?

Garden weddings. Take the space and safety benefits of an outdoor wedding, add a renewed preference for at-home celebrations, and what do you get? Garden weddings as one of the hottest summer 2021 wedding trends! This season, couples are embracing a whimsical English country garden aesthetic, partly inspired by Princess Beatrice’s 2020 Windsor nuptials and the Bridgerton craze. Think fairytale aisles, archways decked with lush blooms, floral print wedding dresses, pressed flower stationery, and garden party-inspired menus. So romantic!

Bright, bold color palettes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: 2021 weddings are ALL about color! There’s no better way to celebrate the joy of being together again. Expect to see color infused into all aspects of weddings this summer. Tabletops, linens, florals, candles. Not forgetting attire – both for the couple and their guests. Even grooms are getting in on the action, with colorful suits and tuxedos. Go all-out with rainbow or ’90s-inspired brights, or add pops of vibrant hues to classic pastel or neutral color combos. Most importantly, have fun with it!

Pre-mixed signature cocktails. Traditionally, the bar has been one of the most populated spots at a wedding. Having an outdoor bar is safer than an indoor one. But another way to cut down on crowding is pre-mixed cocktails. This is a great way to show off signature drinks. Especially if you give them cute personal names and serve them with specially-designed labels! There’s also a growing trend for alcohol-free options, so why not make one of those signature cocktails a mocktail?

Picnic baskets. Wedding catering has also had to adapt to COVID safety standards and one way to do this is to serve guests pre-packed or plated meals. What could be more summery than a picnic basket? Have your caterer pack individual wicker baskets with homemade preserves, fresh fruit, artisan breads, cheeses, and salads. And, of course, some champagne for toasting! Present the baskets with monogrammed picnic blankets which can double as favors.

Live music. We may not yet be able to attend music festivals, but all the more reason why your guests will appreciate you recreating that vibe at your wedding this summer. A live performance by a band also allows you to keep guests entertained without a crowded dance floor.

Will you be including any of these summer 2021 wedding trends in your celebration?