Summer 2023 Wedding Ideas

The summer season is often synonymous with weddings. The days are longer, vacations are well underway, love is in the air. If you’re in the midst of planning a summer wedding, here are some ideas to consider incorporating. We are always looking for fresh spins on classic traditions that speak to the couple, the times, and the trends. Read on for some of my summer wedding ideas.

vibrant summer wedding inspirationBold Color

While one could argue that whites, creams, beiges, and soft greens are the epitome of wedding design, I believe there is room for big, bold colors this year. I’ve seen lovely pops of tangerine, vibrant pinks, and the Pantone 2023 Color of the Year– Viva Magenta. Read this blog post for five unique ways to incorporate that shade in particular. The good news is that the summer season offers a wide range of floral ideas that are readily available and generally come in a rainbow of colors. I find this to be a stunning way to incorporate vibrant colors for a summer wedding that make a tasteful impact. Another way to bring this summer wedding idea to life is through textiles. Whether that is luxury table linens and napkins or bridal party fashion, fabrics are an avenue to achieve a high-spirited color palette.

Statement Aisles

There are many facets to hosting an incredible wedding. But I love a grand entrance. One summer 2023 wedding idea is to incorporate a statement aisle. There are a few ways to go about this. And you can choose one or if you’re really bold, all! A long aisle is quite the grand entrance. Imagine the swell of music as the bride approaches, the guests rise, and she makes her descent to her partner. The anticipation will be palpable and the photos will be stunning. If an extended length isn’t your style, maybe consider using a different sort of material. Think mirrors, water features, or floating decor that hovers over the aisle. It’s common to see bunches of floral dotting the aisle. What would the impact be if you lined the entirety?

Champagne Towers

What fun! There’s no better reason to toast than to newlyweds! A champagne tower is a great example of a trendy statement piece that serves a purpose as well. They take a steady hand, great care, and if pulled off properly, gather a happy crowd. I predict seeing more and more towers gracing our summer weddings.

Multi-Day Events

So much pressure is placed on “the big day”. I love the idea of hosting a weekend of events for your guests to have more time to mingle. This also relieves some pressure on the couple to ensure they speak to every guest in attendance over the course of one six-hour day. By hosting a welcome event, after-party, or Sunday brunch, everyone has the opportunity to build lasting memories and connections that span over one meal and dancing.

Overall, the summer wedding ideas that return to the front of mind over and over again have an over-arching theme of “more is more.” I think the understated beauty will always be timeless. However, I am so tickled by the idea of pulling out all the stops. As always, take what you like and leave what you don’t. And above all, do what feels authentic to YOU.




Images by Jose Villa Photography, Amy and Stuart Photography