Summer Camp Party Inspiration

Remember how excited we were as children when summer camp rolled around? Whether you found yourself at a lake camp, lifeguard camp, zoo camp, or anything in between, there was a buzz in the air and that child-like wonder. This summer, we’re building up the anticipation and making our summer camp dreams come alive again–as big kids!


If you say the words ‘summer camp’ I will always think FUN. Games are a great way to do this and a summer camp-themed party allows us to bring out the games that have been stuffed away in the summer vacation house or brought out for the actual children…not anymore! Stock up on the classics like Twister, Connect Four, and Monopoly.

One facet of summer camp that we don’t always bring into everyday life is team-building activities. If you’re in a climate that supports water-play, how about dividing into teams and planning an epic water balloon fight? You can also play competitive games, like balancing an egg on a spoon and racing to a finish line or a good old-fashioned game of kickball. Another way to liven this summer camp for adults is to make a competition out of drinking games—perhaps not an everyday fad, but fun to live up to every so often.

Team Contribution

One hallmark trait of summer camp is that everyone has a ‘job’ or pulls their weight. Embrace the spirit by encouraging guests to bring a dish to share or helping set up a game or activity and tearing it down. Of course, there are ways to elevate an adult summer camp, and that may include a catering team that does all the heavy lifting for you. But if you’re truly embracing the summer camp way of life, you should get a little dirty and work together!


Love a theme party? Now is the time! You can make it as kitschy as you wish, or keep it more “adult” and add influences of your 80’s Prom with a punchbowl but leave the feathered bangs and shoulder pads at home. Make it Movie Night and have popcorn machines, projectors, and chic lounge seating to watch the show. We love a camping theme that includes s’mores, and sitting around a campfire sharing stories. I opt for a real bed (some call that glamping), but if you’re into tent life– have at it! Need some inspiration for themed parties of the past? Scroll here!

The Classics

Imagine the classic food and drink from childhood and how they were usually limitless at summer camp! Try to reincarnate that excitement with some updated classics. Perhaps there are some signature drinks with a popsicle garnish, a campfire smoked Manhattan, personal wood-fired flatbreads, a truffle mac n cheese…go wild, keep it fun. And indulge like you did when you were 12.

Summer camp was always exciting, perhaps a little anxiety sleeping away from home, and big belly laughs shared with forever friends. Try to recreate that excitement as an adult. Sometimes we don’t make time for the child-like wonder we once had. If you needed a sign to host a Summer Camp Party, this is it!




Image by Amy & Stuart