The 4 Styles of Floral Arrangements

Hi friends! Flowers are such an important décor element for any event – particularly weddings. They add an air of elegance to any setting and act as a central focal point for things like your tables, aisle and more.

The first step to wedding flowers is to figure out your preferred floral style. You can figure this out by checking out all the inspiration out there or by simply working with your florist to determine what you like and what you don’t like.

Generally, most flower arrangements will fall into one of these four categories:

  • Architectural. This describes a clean, contemporary look that uses sculptural flowers: think calla lilies, orchids, tulips, etc. The flowers and foliage are usually white and green. I particularly love this look with clear glass vessels. The overall look is minimalist but extremely elegant. You can also get away with having a few stems of a single type of flower in each vessel to make things more budget friendly.
  • English Garden. Full, fluffy and with plenty of soft color. English Garden styles boast a variety of flowers like roses, muscari, hyacinth and jasmine. Colors trend toward pinks, whites, lavenders and greens. These arrangements can look particularly charming in a basket.
  • Romantic. This is a popular style these days. Fluffy arrangements in white, blush, cream and sometimes a touch of pink. I often see romantic arrangements make use of quintessential flowers like peonies, roses and hydrangeas – and accented by lots of warm candles.
  • Tuscan. I love this unique style! It’s warm and earthy with sunny, bold shades of yellow, orange and deep red. Tuscan style arrangements often incorporate fruit and look great in terra-cotta containers. As for flowers, sunflowers, ranunculus, dahlias and hypericum berries are popular choices. A perfect style for an earthy, outdoor wedding.

Which style is your favorite?




Header image by Victor Sizemore