Themed Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

Oh how I do love a themed party, don’t you? Not only are they a lot of fun to design and plan, they always add that extra special something to get your guests talking. Of course, a themed rehearsal dinner isn’t for everyone. But it’s actually an event that lends itself particularly well to a theme. For one thing, the rehearsal is supposed to be less formal than the wedding, so you have the chance to get really creative and infuse it with your personalities. It also makes for a great ice breaker. This is especially ideal if your families and friends don’t already know one another. And, of course, a theme also makes it easier to keep everything cohesive, from the décor to the food. But what are the best ideas for a themed rehearsal dinner? Read on for some of my current faves!

Orange Crush. I just have to start with this quirky theme, as we recently brought it to life for our clients’ rehearsal dinner. As you can guess, we went all-out with the bright orange color palette! This included gorgeous patterned linens and dozens of orange paper lanterns. Orange Crush boxes filled with pom pom dahlias made for statement centerpieces and we also had signs and napkins printed with ‘I’ve got a crush on you’. And, of course, we had an orange crush bar! This themed rehearsal dinner goes to show that, with a little creativity, you can turn anything into a party theme, right down to a favorite beverage.

Coachella. If you love bohemian style but have opted for a more formal vibe at your wedding, then why not make your rehearsal dinner a Coachella-style fete? Make it an outdoor affair and think seating areas with rugs and big cushions, soft desert shades with pops of color, feathers, and a touch of sparkle. Hire a food truck for delicious, on-theme eating, and give guests flower crowns and temporary tattoos.

Tropical. A great way to find your rehearsal dinner theme is to take inspiration from your honeymoon destination. So if you’re off somewhere tropical, why not give your guests a sneak preview? Palm leaves and other tropical greenery make for great décor items, and you can also include pineapples and bright florals. Serve fruity cocktails and coconut water and your guests will soon be feeling that island vibe! Other great location-inspired themes include Tuscany or the Amalfi Coast, Morocco, or Mexico.

Bridgerton. I’m seeing Bridgerton themed parties popping up all over the place at the moment. It’s such a whimsical theme and one your guests can enjoy (whether or not they’re fans of the series). Of course, a rehearsal dinner doesn’t have to be a dinner at all, and a tea party or brunch are great alternatives if you choose this theme. Choose a palette of pastels with pops of bright colors to add depth and plenty of flowers. Serve classic English dishes (or sandwiches and cake, if you’re having a tea party). And, instead of a photo booth, how about a wig selfie station?

New England Clam Bake. A classic theme, but always a hit with the guests! Whether you’re at the beach or just recreating that feeling elsewhere, you can make it work. Dress your tables in preppy nautical style and for cute signage, reference ‘Friends’ with “She’s/He’s her lobster” if that fits the couple.

Of course, the best themes are always the ones that come from YOU. So spend some time thinking about what you love and then brainstorm with your wedding planner how to turn that into a fabulous themed rehearsal dinner!


Image by John and Joseph Photography Inc.